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Video Game: MoonBase Commander

"Your turn, commander."

If you think of or watch Moonbase Commander, the last thing you're going to think of is Humongous Entertainment. Yes, that Humongous Entertainment. The same company that specialized in all the children's titles we all know and love. As they were declining in popularity struggling to get any profits, Humongous had their last chance to save themselves. Desperate to make a comeback, they finally decided it was time to make a game that wasn't made for young children. And thus, Moonbase Commander was born.

Moonbase Commander is a unique turn-based strategy game released in 2002. You play as a specific side, though they are only cosmetically different. You continually build on your base, and every building is connected with dotted wire. You cannot cross over this dotted wire, so you need to be careful about your placement. The goal is to get rid of everyone else, but keeping your base alive. It's very simplistic and you should learn it very quickly.

Despite being a great game, it had no marketing whatsoever, had very mediocre graphics for its time (by this time, everything was 3D), and generally looked very low-tech. It was still using the SCUMM engine, which should have been obsolete several years before this game was released. Due to being a little too far behind its time, the game ended up selling exceptionally poorly. It still gets a small share of praise though, and it even won IGN's "Best Game No One Played of 2002" award.

A demo of this game can be downloaded from Infogrames. You can buy the full game at or on Steam.

This game provides examples of:

M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault & ExplorationTurn-Based StrategyMother Of All Battles
MoebiusWebsite/GOG.comMutant Mudds

alternative title(s): Moon Base Commander
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