Monty Mole (no relation to the ''VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld'' enemy) is the hero of a series of {{Platform Game}}s from British developer Gremlin Graphics. The series began on the UsefulNotes/ZXSpectrum, with the more popular games ported to the UsefulNotes/{{Commodore 64}} and UsefulNotes/AmstradCPC.

The moley adventures start with ''Wanted: Monty Mole'' (1984), where Monty decides to raid his local coal pit to help himself through the long winter. By the end of the game, he has acquired a bucketful of coal and a five-year prison sentence.

The story continues in ''Monty Is Innocent'' (1985), a short ActionAdventure game in which Sam Stoat helps break Monty out of Scudmore Prison.

In ''Monty on the Run'' (1985), Monty flees to a safe house, and, using his five-item freedom kit, navigates escape tunnels and heads for the English Channel, where a boat is waiting to take him out of the country.

''Auf Wiedersehen Monty'' (1987) has Monty, starting in Gibraltar, traveling through the countries of Europe and collecting enough money to buy the Greek island of Montos, where he retires.

Attached to the January 1988 issue of ''Your Sinclair'' was a game titled ''Moley Christmas'', where Monty shepherds the production of a Monty Mole game and distributes it to faithful readers.

One more game was produced, ''Impossamole'' (1990), developed by Creator/CoreDesign for various computers and the UsefulNotes/TurboGrafx16. Here Monty Mole is transformed by aliens into a caped superhero.
* DroughtLevelOfDoom: In ''Impossamole''[='s=] SlippySlideyIceWorld, you are bound to take alot of unavoidable damage from GoddamnedBats and MalevolentArchitecture, and healing items and powerups are very scarce here.
* FlipScreenScrolling: Most of the games, with the exception of the side-scrolling ''Impossamole''.
* InventoryManagementPuzzle: Pretty much the whole challenge of ''Auf Wiedersehen Monty''. Items are collected when running into them and only relinquished when used, and your inventory maxes out at four items - you can be stuck holding the wrong thing for a long time if you're not careful (like the football, obtained very early in southeast Spain; but it'll be a while before you get to Turin to use it), and your inventory also includes your air tickets, making it very easy to trap yourself.
* NintendoHard: Very much so. Tricky jumps + oddly timed traps + fast moving enemies X OneHitpointWonder = Frustration.
* OddballInTheSeries: ''Monty Is Innocent'', which is not a PlatformGame and does not star Monty.
* OneHitpointWonder: Monty, except in ''Impossamole''.
* ReformulatedGame: A Famicom Disk System version of ''Monty on the Run'' was released by Creator/{{Jaleco}} in Japan (alternate title: ''Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou''), and is almost completely different: in particular, Monty in this version is not a mole. The UsefulNotes/PCEngine version of ''Impossamole'' is also very different from the computer version.
* SmashingHallwayTrapsOfDoom: The crush pillars.
* UnexpectedGameplayChange: ''Monty on the Run'' has a driving stage, "Drive Sir Clive's C5."