A game for the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis created by Creator/{{Treasure}}. Similar to ''VideoGame/{{Landstalker}}'' in gameplay but much easier, David the swordsman takes a holiday on Green Row and learns about the missing townspeople. He must go underground, beat up monsters, solve puzzles and free people.
The game consists of 7 levels:

* Castle/Town: No monsters here. You can shop for elements and food here as well as hear a bad piano player. Talking to the king and princess are vital for the plot at times.
* B1: An easy, straightforward dungeon.
* B2: Dungeon that houses the 4 orbs used to awaken Ramiah.
* B3: Dungeon where goblins live and enslave humans.
* B4: Another dungeon, home to the Wizards' guild
* B5: One big room with a crystal that teleports you to other dimensions including ice, war, wild west, sci fi, highway, shadow and martial arts worlds.
* B6: The final dungeon that houses Ramiah.
!!Tropes featured:
%%* BlockPuzzle
%%* BossRoom
%%* BusmansHoliday
* CatchPhrase - Farmer: Are my cows safe?
* ChekhovsGun - The four orbs from B2, which are later used to awaken the demon Ramiah/Huster.
%%* DemBones
* DiscOneNuke - The best armour in the game is available as a random drop early on in the first dungeon of the game, if you're willing to grind a little on some tricky to kill, but not particularly strong enemies.
* DreadfulMusician - The piano lady
%%* DressingAsTheEnemy
* ElementalPowers - Air, Fire, Earth and Water. They can be mixed to create unique spells.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere - Most boss fights
* GiantSpider - One of the bosses on B3.
* GoForTheEye - The very first boss fight in the game.
* IcePalace - The ice world in B5.
* InterfaceScrew - Instead of draining your health, getting poisoned in this game flips the controls so left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up.
* InvisibleMainCharacter - After drinking the "Odd Potion", David is rendered invisible so he can pass the "trial by fire".
* LeftHanging - The storyline of the goblins using humans as slaves in the mines remains unresolved when you finish B3.
* MagicKnight - David, the main hero
* NeverMessWithGranny - The castle cook, who beats goblins with frying pans in B6.
%%* OneManParty
* OurZombiesAreDifferent - First off, they look like scare crows and you get poisoned when they claw you.
* PoisonMushroom - The black potions found in B4 poison your character, going for the InterfaceScrew effect.
%%* RandomlyDrops
* SpaceZone - The outer space level on B5.
* UndergroundMonkey - The blobs. Green blobs are weak but red and white ones shoot fire.
* TheWildWest - The farm world in B5