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On 1 April 2009, BTV announced that the television programme would be supplemented with what they described as "interactive episodes", a term their legal department suggested in order to avoid their [[UsefulNotes/MediaClassifications review]] by the Video Game Ratings Board (and the [[MoralGuardians Civic Eyes and Ears Council]]). They are not considered part of the Inspector Spacetime Continuum for canonical purposes but are authorised in the Expanded Universe. Travis Richey and Derwin Jordan provide full voiceovers and [[SerkisFolk motion capture]] for the digitised Inspector and Constable Reggie, both of whom are playable characters. Each instalment promises "approximately two hours of gameplay".

[[WMG: Interactive Season 1]]
# "Exurb of the Blorgons"
# "Oil of the Circuit-Chaps"
# "The X7 Dimesioniser"
# "Sunbeams of the Denah Avatars"

[[WMG: Interactive Season 2]]
# "The Uncanny Valley of Fear"

* CameraScrew: Combining fixed camera perspective with [[StalkingMission stalking missions]] down long and twisted corridors does not make for good gameplay.
* CaptainErsatz: Doctor Mory Schmarty, the DiabolicalMastermind in "The Uncanny Valley of Fear", is obviously [[Franchise/SherlockHolmes Professor Moriarty]] with the SerialNumbersFiledOff.
* ContinuityNod: The game episodes include several [[ShoutOut references]] to serials from the Classic series.
** The episode featuring the Blorgons mentions their earlier schemes from "The Blorgon Incursion of Midgar" and "Exodus of the Blorgons";
** In the Circuit-Chaps' episode, they [[RememberWhenYouBlewUpASun bring up]] how the Inspector thwarted them in "Ennui of the Circuit-Chaps" and "Bronze Friends".
* EndlessCorridor: The episodes' generous estimate of two hours of gameplay includes time spent running down numerous seemingly endless corridors.
* ExpositionFairy: The Inspector, whether or not you're playing as him.
* StalkingMission: In a couple of episodes, the Inspector and Constable Reggie must follow assorted {{Mooks}} to their hideouts in order to arrest their respective [[FinalBoss criminal masterminds]].
* UncannyValley: After receiving criticisms about the first season episodes' almost-but-not-quite-lifelike graphics, the game designers produced a [[LampshadeHanging self-consciously titled]] final episode to [[TakeThatAudience wind up players]].