--> ''"The Strogg: soulless fusions of decaying flesh, bones and metal, twisted and ruined by centuries of war. They search the galaxy for the sole item their existence requires, harvesting, consuming and destroying everything in their path. And now, they have arrived… here!"''
-->-- '''Opening of the game'''

''Enemy Territory: Quake Wars'', launched in 2007, is the latest original canonical installment in the ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' series, and it's also part of the class-based FPS ''Enemy Territory'' series, which started with ''[[VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein Wolfenstein]]: Enemy Territory'', four years prior.

Canonically, it takes place as the {{prequel}} of ''VideoGame/QuakeII'', with the Stroggs [[AlienInvasion invading the Earth]]. The player takes the place of a human or strogg warrior, first by choosing the side, and then, by choosing a class. Each side has 5 different classes: Soldier / Aggressor, [[TheMedic Medic / Technician]], [[TheEngineer Engineer / Constructor]], Covert Ops (Spy) / Infiltrator and Field Ops / Oppressor.

And then, both teams fight in one of the four campaigns of three maps each one, taking place in North America, Africa, Northern Europe and the Pacific. The objectives of each map in the campaigns are different between each other.

Followed chronologically by ''VideoGame/QuakeChampions''.
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!! This game provides examples of:[[note]]Again, tropes from ''VideoGame/QuakeII'' and ''VideoGame/QuakeIV'' may apply here as well.[[/note]]
* AliensAreBastards
* BackFromTheBrink: The Strogg have nearly wiped out humanity at this point in the story. Judging from the plot of ''VideoGame/QuakeII'', things turn out pretty well for us.
* BadassArmy
* BaseOnWheels: EDF's MCP.
* CameFromTheSky: In the Quarry level, a Strogg ship was forced to crash in an EDF-controlled land and [[ICannotSelfTerminate failed to autodestruct]]. The Strogg must collect three batteries to empower the ship so it can self-destruct properly, while the EDF must prevent this.
* ConvenientlyEmptyBuilding: Some levels take place in abandoned cities. They can be destroyed at certain areas.
* CutAndPasteEnvironments: Assets from ''VideoGame/QuakeIV'' (whose engine ETQW also shares) such as the Stroyent barrels are common among levels.
* {{Cyborg}}: This game's portrayal of the Strogg has them being shown as this.
* DeathFromAbove:
** The Strogg Hornet. The EDF also has a plane of their own.
** The Oppressor/Field Ops can use a flare/smoke grenade to call a satellital laser/bombardeer which follows a path destroying anything in it's way.
* DrillSergeantNasty: Two, acting as {{Announcer Chatter}}s in both human and Strogg sides each, with the respective reprimends in case of failure.
* {{EMP}}: EMP grenades temporarily shut down enemy turrets and vehicles.
* FieldPromotion: Racking kills and completing objectives grants players a better rank and upgrades.
* FrickinLaserBeams: The Laser Drill in the Strogg side, which, objective-wise, is the equivalent of the EDF's MCP.
* GottaCatchEmAll: Some levels require the collection of a specific MacGuffin (or group of them) to be delivered somewhere else:
** The Quarry level requires the Strogg to deliver three power cells to a spaceship crashed in order to set it into autodestruction.
* HumanResources: The Strogg technicians can hack fallen GDF soldier bodies to become host spawnpoints for their team.
* KineticWeaponsAreJustBetter: The Titan tank, which looks very similar to a M1 Abrams.
* LandMineGoesClick: The Strogg Constructor and the EDF Engineer can plant mines.
* MagicalDefibrillator: TheMedic carries one of these. If used on a soldier, it revives him. If used on a Strogg, [[CherryTapping it does a bit of damage to them]].
* MagicTool: The Engineer and Constructor have these. The latter's can even be upgraded to work remotely.
* MoreDakka: Some vehicles.
* MythologyGag:
** The Strogg side's one-passenger vehicle is the [[VideoGame/QuakeII Icarus]]: a jetpack with three mechanical arms at each side.
** Weapons featured in the Strogg side include [[VideoGame/QuakeII the Hyperblaster, the Railgun]], and the [[VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena Lightning Gun]]. The Strogg Devastator also shares similarities with [[VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena Quake III: Team Arena]]'s version of the [[VideoGame/QuakeI Nailgun]].
** The Slipgate has the first VideoGame/{{Quake|I}}'s logo as shape. Slipgates were first introduced in that game.
** The console version's intro plays exactly like ''Quake II'' and ''Quake IV''. With the exception that, [[{{Prequel}} this time]], it's the Stroggos who are invading Earth.
** The Strogg side's flying vehicle is the [[VideoGame/QuakeII Hornet]], using it's ''VideoGame/QuakeIV'' model.
* NoOSHACompliance: Any Strogg facility you could think.
* OddballInTheSeries: ''Quake Wars'' is comparatively slower-paced and objective-based instead of having traditional multiplayer modes. {{Justified|Trope}} in that the game, although is canonical in the Quakeverse, (taking place before ''Quake II'') is part of the ''Enemy Territory'' series, which started with ''Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory''. One can expect now to hear about ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}: Enemy Territory'' or ''Enemy Territory: VideoGame/{{Rage}}''. (''VideoGame/{{Brink}}'' is Enemy Territory 3, so those others will have to wait until Brink is done)
* OverHeating: Unlike the EDF side, the Strogg weapons have unlimited ammo, but will overheat quickly.
* RPGElements: Unlike the other games of the Quake saga, you gain better weapons and abilities with gameplay.
* SarcasmMode: Some of the basic gameplay response are this, humorously:
-->''Why, thank you!''
-->''Oh, you're '''welcome'''.''
* SequelTheOriginalTitle
* SprintMeter: Subverted. You can sprint forever, but your character will pant after a time, alerting nearby players.
* SmashingHallwayTrapsOfDoom: The only game in the series which averts this.
* TwoOfYourEarthMinutes: In the Strogg side.
* WeakTurretGun: Several.
* ZombieApocalypse: In the mission Valley, the Strogg's objective is to defend a Hetch Hetchy water supply which corrupts all of California's water and turns all who drink it into zombies. Needless to say, the EDF must destroy this generator.