Video Game: EA Sports Street

The EA Sports series of Street Sports Game is a series of game by Electronic Arts released under the brand name of EA Sports BIG. The games are a more arcade and less-realistic take on the sports when compared to the likes of Madden NFL or FIFA Soccer, two other EA Sports games, but they still had the big sports stars that the two games had. There are different series of these games and they tend to be classified separately, but they usually have some common elements. The games would usually place more emphasis on tricks than tactics.

So far, there are 3 series of these games:
  • NBA Street (Basketball)
  • FIFA Street (Association Football/Soccer)
  • NFL Street (American Football)

While they have the same publishers, each series were developed by the same team that developed the non-street version

The games would provide an example of:

  • Made of Iron: The players on NFL Street. They would be hit as hard as the usual American Football game but without all the armor.
  • Limit Break: The aptly named "Gamebreaker"
  • Mundane Made Awesome: All three games run on this, with players pulling off impossible dunks, shots, or tackles like it's no big deal.
    • The basketball courts in V3: sure Foss Park being dedicated to shooting victims or Rucker being the go to playground for street gods is awesome, but you'd think this is the hallowed ground of the Dream Team home turf by how much they are revered.