''Dungeon'' is an early ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''-based RolePlayingGame, written in 1975 or 1976 by Don Daglow for the [[UsefulNotes/MainframesAndMinicomputers PDP-10 minicomputer.]]

You create a [[AnAdventurerIsYou party of adventurers]] and go DungeonCrawling. The game is very faithful to the original 1974 edition of ''Dungeons & Dragons'', with the same ClassAndLevelSystem and races. It used character graphics to create a TopDownView of the dungeon. What you could see was limited by your party's line of sight, and this was affected by the presence of light or darkness, and your party's infravision abilities.

Very similar to the earlier ''[[{{VideoGame/Dnd}} dnd]]'', but this was the first RPG videogame with a whole party instead of just one character.

!!''Dungeon'' provides examples of:
* AnAdventurerIsYou
* ClassAndLevelSystem
* DungeonCrawling
* HitPoints
* HeroicFantasy
* RolePlayingGame
* TopDownView
* TurnBasedCombat