''Critical Mass'' is a 3D [[MatchThreeGame Block-Matching]] PuzzleGame. The player adds colored blocks to an expanding mass, matching colors to remove blocks and prevent it from exploding.

Not to be confused with ''Videogame/CriticalMass1995'', a [[SimilarlyNamedWorks totally unrelated video game of the same name]].

The official website is [[http://criticalmassgame.com/ here]].

!! ''Critical Mass'' contains examples of:

* EndlessGame: Survival mode.
* CosmeticAward: Achievements.
* DifficultyByAcceleration
* DifficultyLevels: Your basic Easy, Medium, and Hard.
* FallingBlocks: Well, you place the blocks manually, but the spirit is the same.
* MatchFourGame
* PinballScoring
* PlanarShockwave: When you fail.
* ScoreScreen
* ScoringPoints: With online leaderboards.
* SongsInTheKeyOfPanic: The music speeds up as you get closer to exploding.
* TimeTrial: Rush mode, where you try and clear the blocks as fast as possible.