''[=CreaVures=]'' is a 2011 {{Puzzle Platformer}} by Muse Games for PC and Mac. You play as five '[=CreaVures=]' [[TeamworkPuzzleGame (controlling two in tandem)]], each with a unique ability that helps them to traverse the environment.

The story is as follows: Much has changed in recent memory. The forestís swirling light, once plentiful, is now cast so thin you can barely see through the darkness. The symphonic night has gone quiet, save a lone voice: the forest is calling. It needs your help. You know what must be done, how to save your mother forest. Will you? Go gather the others. They are waiting for you. Together you must venture deep into the forest, to bring her back from the brink.

Hurry, before the light is lost!

!!This game provides examples of:

* BackgroundBoss: Both bosses: the Trout-creature in the swamp, and the Falcon Elm. Interestingly though, you never actually attack them.
* ''BioluminescenceIsCool: The Game!''
* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist
* DebutQueue
* FloatingPlatforms: Handwaved, as they're giant dragonflies.
* FlunkyBoss: Every so-often, the Falcon Elm will summon a few birds.
* FungusHumongous
* GlowingEyes: Practically everyone.
* TheLostWoods
* MeaningfulName: All the [=CreaVures=] names are based on their ability: [[NowThatsUsingYourTeeth Bitey]], [[SpikeShooter Pokey]], [[ShockAndAwe Zappy]], [[RollingAttack Rolly]], and [[NotQuiteFlight Glidey]].
* NotQuiteFlight: Glidey the bat-like creature can glide.
* {{Planimal}}: The Falcon Elm
* RollingAttack: How [[MeaningfulName Rolly]] wards off aggressive creatures.
* SceneryPorn: Man, the forest sure is pretty!
* ShockAndAwe: Zappyís main schtick.
* SpikeShooter: Pokey
* ShoutOut: One of the achievements is called "[[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro My Neighbour Trout-oro]]", and another is "[[MemeticMutation Can't Let You Do That]] [[VideoGame/StarFox Falcon Elm!]]"
* TeamworkPuzzleGame
* UndergroundLevel: The Caves
* WhiteAndGreyMorality: Arguably. Early on itís stated that the other creatures in the forest are only acting aggressively because of the loss of light, and the two bosses seem more territorial than anything else.