''Computer Space'' is the first commercially sold UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame, created by [[Creator/{{Atari}} Nolan Bushnell]] and released in November 1971. It's a one or two player version of ''VideoGame/SpaceWar''. ''Space War'' had previously been software running on [[UsefulNotes/MainframesAndMinicomputers $20,000 general-purpose hardware]]; Bushnell's innovation was to use cheap logic chips to create a machine specifically for playing this one game.

Some versions were one-player against two flying saucers, others were PlayerVersusPlayer. It's a simplified version of ''Space War'', without the planet and gravity. Your ship fires OneBulletAtATime, and you can guide it by turning your ship. In one-player versions, if you [[ScoringPoints score more points]] than the saucers at the end of [[TimedMission 90 seconds]], you get another 90 seconds of gameplay.

Bushnell created ''Computer Space'' at home, and sold the game to Nutting and Associates, a maker of mechanical coin-op games. It was not a success, because drunks in a bar couldn't understand how to play a game designed for college students. Bushnell left Nutting and founded his own company, Syzygy Corp., later Creator/{{Atari}}.

Notably, it has a brief cameo in ''Film/SoylentGreen'' as one of the expensive toys left behind in William Simonson's lavishly equipped apartment after his murder.

!!''Computer Space'' provides examples of:

* TwoDSpace
* ArbitraryMaximumRange
* CollisionDamage: Destroys both you and the saucers, scoring a point for each of you.
* EndlessGame
* EveryBulletIsATracer
* LadyNotAppearingInThisGame: Probably the UrExample for an actual game. The [[http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=flyer&db=videodb&id=1530&image=1 game's flyer]] features a woman in a low-cut white gown (which is translucent so her panties are visible) leaning on the cabinet.
* NoPlotNoProblem
* OneBulletAtATime
* OneHitPointWonder
* PlayerVersusPlayer: Some versions.
* ScoringPoints
* TimedMission: 90 seconds to score more points than the saucers in one-player versions.
* WrapAround