Cogs is a sliding tile puzzle game with a steampunk aesthetic. The goal is to complete various contraptions by sliding tiles with gears or pipes into place using as little time and few moves as possible. It also contains challenge mode, which has speed trials and levels with limited moves.

!!This game provides examples of:

* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Some of the levels involve balloons that can only be inflated by the same color of steam.
* CreativeClosingCredits: The final puzzle in the game includes a screen that will play the credits once the level is completed.
* FifteenPuzzle: This puzzle forms the basis of the game, although the goal is to complete gear chains and connect pipes rather than to get the tiles in a specific order. The shape and size is also different in some levels.
* GameplayGrading: In every level in inventor mode, there are multiple categories (speed, and moves used) in which the player can be awarded bronze, silver, or gold medal.
* TimedMission: One of the categories in challenge mode is a time trial, where you have to complete the level in 30 seconds.