''Clyde's Adventure'' is a platform computer game released by Moonlite Software in 1992. The objective of the game is to explore castles, collect gems, and find the exit. Clyde, the main character, has a supply of energy that depletes whenever he walks, jumps, or falls from a great height. If his energy reaches 0, it causes Clyde to die with a shriek. With no "enemies," ''Clyde's Adventure'' is predominantly a puzzle game. The challenge comes from avoiding traps, using Clyde's magic wand to manipulate the environment, and finding the most efficient route before Clyde runs out of energy.

The game has two chapters, each containing 16 castles:

* Episode 1: Lost Treasure of Tahookaboo
* Episode 2: The Vanished King

Originally, Episode 1 was shareware, while Episode 2 was available only upon registration. Moonlite software has since released the entire game as freeware.

''Clyde's Revenge'' is a sequel to this game.

!!This VideoGame contains examples of:
* EpisodicGame: There are two episodes making up this game.
* GottaCatchThemAll: You must find all the gems in each castle.
* MacGuffin: You find a treasure in each castle. They serve no purpose beyond that.