''Bomberman Hero'' is a 1998 installment in the VideoGame/{{Bomberman}} franchise for the {{Nintendo 64}}, and the second Bomberman game on the console after VideoGame/{{Bomberman 64}}.

The game follows our hero on a mission to rescue [[SaveThePrincess Princess Millian]] from the evil Garaden Empire. He is assisted occasionally by plucky robot companion Pibot, RidiculouslyCuteCritter [[KangaroosRepresentAustralia Louie]], and a quartet of new vehicles as he explores six planets, some familiar and some brand new.

So yes, the story is just Bomberman meets Franchise/StarWars.

''Hero'', unlike most Bomberman games, is a straightforward action PlatformGame, and it is one of the few Bomberman games that allows the titular hero to jump freely. This is partially due to the game originally being planned as a new addition to the ''Videogame/{{Bonk}}'' series, until it was decided the game should be focused on Bomberman. Opinion of the game from its release through today is very mixed, what with the game being a GenreShift [[OddballInTheSeries Black Sheep]] in the series, having a lot of silly graphical and design choices (Salt Bombs?), having its story be a Star Wars/Super Mario knockoff, and, most damning of all for a Bomberman game, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking no multiplayer]].

It is currently available to purchase from the UsefulNotes/{{Wii}}'s UsefulNotes/VirtualConsole, along with ''[[VideoGame/{{Bomberman93}} Bomberman '93]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/{{Bomberman94}} Bomberman '94]]''.
!!This game provides examples of:
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Bagular]]. The majority of the game is about the Garaden Empire attempting to resurrect him.
* BonusStage: Has one after each of the first 4 bosses, in the form of simple timed areas with gems, power-ups and 1-ups to grab.
* BuildLikeAnEgyptian: Several levels on Kanatia.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: [[spoiler:Nitros.]] He snaps out of it after your final battle with him.
* CaptainErsatz: Almost every major character in ''Bomberman Hero'' is a CaptainErsatz to a ''Franchise/StarWars'' character.
* CatGirl: Natia. With weird hair, too... and a GIGANTIC head.
* ChasingYourTail: The Sphinx-like Bolban has an armored front and a vulnerable tail. In the second battle, both his frontal shield and his breath weapon are disabled, but his missiles are harder to avoid because you're fighting him in an underwater tunnel.
* ContinuingIsPainful: Deaths are actually mostly merciful in this game, as only single powerups are lost after each death. [[InvertedTrope This game actually inverts this trope]], because what ''really'' hurts is turning ''off'' the game: powerups and health expansions are not saved when you quit, so the next time you start the game, you have to collect everything all over again.
* ConvectionSchmonvection: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] a bit for the first couple of levels near lava, where you must enter cooling capsules to refill your health as you gradually take damage from the heat.
* DolledUpInstallment: ''Bomberman Hero'' was originally going to be a new Bonk game, but at some point or another the staff decided it'd have more mass appeal as a Bomberman game. Sure explains why it's a mainstream 3D platformer where Bomberman can actually jump on his own.
* EvilLaugh: [[spoiler:Bagular. Well, [[UnEvilLaugh as well as an old cyborg man can do an evil laugh]], anyways.]]
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Natia's appearance. She also carries a whip.
* HundredPercentCompletion: Getting 5's on every level, and by extension every Gold Medal for each planet, unlocks bonus minigames in the options menu.
* [[LethalLavaLand Lethal Lava Planet]]: Half of Kanatia.
* MonsterClown: One of the enemies in the fittingly-named Clown Valley. It balances on a ball and throws knives.
* MusicalNod: The main menu theme is lifted straight from the Famicom/NES [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNB8V1NPYc0 Bomberman]], although split in half and with the addition of what sounds like a fax machine.
* OneHitPointWonder: An early aversion to this in the franchise. Bomberman is given four bars of health at the start, and the player can add up to four additional bars by collecting 200 crystals. That is, until you turn the game off.
* OurMonstersAreWeird: Thoroughly, even by platform-game standards, or even Bomberman standards for that matter. Just look at Endol!
* PlatformGame: One of the few in the franchise.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: The 'Four Demons of Garaden': the catfish-esque robot, Endol, the annoying big bird, Baruda, the sphinx-like Bolban, and the lusty catgirl Natia with her pet robo-spider Chronus.
* RecurringBoss: Nitros. For the first three planets, he's fought at the end of the second area, but on Mazone, he's fought at the beginning of the third instead. Is also the middle fight on Planet Garaden, [[spoiler:after which point he snaps out of his brainwashing and heals Bomberman]].
* RobotClown: One of the enemies you can find in Clown Valley is a [[KnifeThrowingAct knife-throwing]] clown on a rolling ball. As all the characters in Bomberman are [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots robots]], these enemies fit the bill, and are all the more creepy for it.
* SecretLevel: ''Bomberman Hero'' has a surprising amount of these, including [[spoiler:revisiting a flying and underwater stage on foot as the Golden Bomber (plus a new level), a snowboard race against a snowman enemy, a second collection quest, and a few completely new stages accessed by mashing Start as you boot up the N64]].
* SingleBiomePlanet: Primus (a swampy/forested planet) and Kanatia (the LethalLavaLand and BuildLikeAnEgyptian mixture, although there are a couple of crystal cave levels there). However, it appears that planet Bomber is very Earth-like and Mazone has a small jungle at its equator (considering it was a snowy planet).
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: ''Bomberman Hero'' goes with the DamselInDistress Princess Millian and the token female villain Natia, with Millian being [[SaveThePrincess the important part of the plot]] and Natia being just some big help to the BigBad.
* {{Snowlems}}: One of the latter-game enemies, complete with CoolShades
* SuperDrowningSkills: Especially irritating, where MercyInvincibility does not protect Bomberman from losing a block of health from falling in water and then leaping back out...and then it's {{averted|Trope}} with the Marine Bomber gear in certain levels.
* [[spoiler:TrueFinalBoss]]: [[spoiler:Evil Bomber, in a plot twist that comes out of literally nowhere.]]
* UnderwaterBossBattle: The rematch with Bolban takes place underwater, using the Bomber Marine.
* UnexpectedShmupLevel: Several levels make use of the Bomber Marine and Bomber Jet, which are specifically designed to turn their levels into this.