''Blue Stinger'' is a SurvivalHorror game by Climax Graphics released for the SegaDreamcast in 1999. An island is discovered in the year 2000 off the coast of Mexico, where it is thought that the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs had struck. Named Dinosaur Island, the site is mined for the next 18 years, until a second object impacts the island and causes an energy barrier to form around it, sealing it off from the outside world.

Eliot Ballade, a police officer on vacation, is trapped inside the barrier as horrific monsters begin to appear. Ballade must work to find a way out, along with a boat captain named Dogs Bower, a computer expert named Janine King, and a strange water spirit known as {{Nephilim}}.

As with OverBlood and {{Galerians}}, there's a good chance you know of this game from Game Informer's [[LetsPlay Super Replay]].
!!This work contains examples of:
* DungeonTown
* AnEconomyIsYou
* GainaxEnding [[spoiler: After Dogs and Elliot save the world from the final boss it shows another Meteor identical to the one that held the boss monster inside it that was defeated surrounded by a ring of the blue creatures before the meteor launches off to get a headstart to another planet before one of the multiple stingers goes after it]]
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Dogs can equip shirts that teach him martial arts.
* HyperactiveMetabolism
* [[spoiler: EldritchAbomination: Jascony, the final boss. To sum it, up the meteorite that crashed onto Earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs was actually an egg. An egg that took 65 million years to mature. Then it took 18 years to hatch, the final stage of the eclosion occurring right as you're near it, letting you face a humungous, Godzilla-esque monstrosity. Which was also [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu absurdly vulnerable to your rocket launcher]].]]
* LateToTheTragedy
* MoneySpider
* OrganicTechnology: Robotic fish are somehow vulnerable to poison. Hm...
* ProductPlacement: For ''Pen Pen Triicelon'', another obscure Dreamcast game.
* StealthPun: In order to get into the Hello Market, you need a Hello Card. [[spoiler: Also known as a greeting card.]]
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture
* {{Zeerust}}