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Video Game: Balmung Cycle
Developed by Magi, Balmung Cycle is an RPG based loosely on Norse mythology. It was made in RPG Maker 2003 and has had segments, specifically the battle system, entered in RPG development community competitions.

The game has you take on the role of Blitz Ymir, once a warrior for the Aesir, who is made an offer by Loki. Besides the trickster god, Blitz meets other important figures and warriors in Norse mythology, from the gods to einherjar and valkyries.

Balmung Cycle uses rips from the game Treasure of the Rudra. Beyond that, it stands on its own legs, with its own take on an active-time battle system, RPG character tropes and minigames (including dueling and rescuing a man from heart failure).

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alternative title(s): Balmung Cycle
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