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''Asteroids Deluxe'' is an arcade game released in March of 1980 by Atari Inc., and the sequel to ''VideoGame/{{Asteroids}}''.

Pilot a spaceship equipped with shields and auto-fire as you blast through level after level of rotating asteroids. [=UFO=]s and multi-segmented Killer Satellites take chase, searching for an opportunity to destroy your ship.

It is practically the same as ''Asteroids'', but with a few changes:
* The graphics are light blue instead of white, and the player's ship is redesigned. Also, the asteroids rotate, and the game has a three dimensional background of hurtling asteroids and spacecraft.
* Instead of hyperspace, the player has a shield that is activated by pressing a button. The shield will gradually wear out during use, however.
* There is a new enemy: the killer satellite. When shot once, it will split into three smaller craft that will home in toward the player. When these are shot, they will split up again into two arrow-shaped ships that also home in toward the player. When the arrow-shaped ships are shot, they will be destroyed.
* The saucers have a pattern to their shots. Large saucers fire three shots in a row at asteroids and the fourth at the player. Small saucers fire two shots in a row at the player, and the third at an asteroid. This was designed to prevent the "lurking" strategy used by many experienced players of the original ''Asteroids''.
!!''Asteroids Deluxe'' has examples of:
%%* AsteroidsMonster
%%* EverythingTryingToKillYou
%%* TheDeterminator
* {{Nerf}}: The saucers shoot at the rocks to prevent the lurking technique from the original game
* NintendoHard: This is a lot harder than the original game.
%%* ShootEmUp
* SplashOfColor: Achieved in ''Deluxe'' by translucent colored overlays.
%%* VectorGame