There is a world, not unlike ours, but not quite like ours either. In this world, reigns an [[BigBad evil tyrant]] going by the name of [[AwesomeMcCoolName Vandheer]] [[MeaningfulName Lorde]]. Five years ago, an army of rebels stood up to defeat the king. They failed, and were all slaughtered.

But now, one of the rebels finds himself [[BackFromTheDead coming back to life.]] He has become Armed with Wings, the avatar of Blackmist, divine matter that composes all beings of this world. Armed with Wings is one being in two - a man, and an eagle. With this new power, he now has another chance to defeat Vandheer Lorde once and for all.

''[[http://www.sun-studios.net/viewGame.php?view=3 Armed with Wings]]'' is a free flash game on Newgrounds created by Daniel-Sun. It's a unique platformer with elements of a puzzle game and a stealth game at once, since you can not only fight enemies with your sword, but also send out your eagle to solve a variety of difficult puzzles and distract enemies as you venture through the lands to reach and face the evil ruler himself. The game, and all of its successors, are also made in a mostly black and white distinct art style, reminiscent of shadow theater. The game has become highly popular and spawned several sequels and a prequel, ''Red Moon''.

In ''[[http://www.sun-studios.net/viewGame.php?view=1 Red Moon]]'' you play the part of Eivana as she and Hawken attempt to slay King Vandheer to seize power themselves. Since Vandheer is still around and ruling in the main game, [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption you can guess]] [[ForegoneConclusion how well that worked.]] This game is a bit more of a standard fighting platformer, and does not incorporate the eagle element.

The events of ''[[http://www.sun-studios.net/viewGame.php?view=2 Armed with Wings 2]]'' are situated directly after ''Armed with Wings 1''. This time, [[VillainProtagonist you play the part of Vandheer Lorde]] as he struggles to regain his throne from Armed with Wings. The game is also a fighting platformer like ''Red Moon''.

''[[http://www.sun-studios.net/viewGame.php?view=8 Armed with Wings 3]]'' appears to take place many years after the events of the first two games. The shadow of a great evil hangs over the lands, and it's up to Leo - a mere boy, Eivana's child -- to save his world. In this one, the eagle element is reintroduced, though the puzzles are much easier than in the first game. This game also has an RPG element, as Leo can gain experience, upgrade his stats, learn new skills and find new powerful spells.

In 2011, Daniel-Sun released ''[[http://www.sun-studios.net/viewGame.php?view=12 Culmination]]'', which follows the side story of Lone Warrior during the events of ''Armed With Wings 3'' as he sets out on his own, blinded by rage, to slay Vandheer Lorde. [[ForegoneConclusion That goes]] [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption well]]. ''Culmination'' is a short, pure fighting platformer with no puzzle elements nor level system, but it really tones up the epic attacks and combos. Thanks to a deal made between Sun Studios and Creator/CartoonNetwork, the game can also be played in the form of a ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' flash game called ''Shadow Mission'', which replaces the Lone Warrior with Robin and the BigBad with Young Justice villain Klarion, and whose plot involves Robin being pulled into a shadow dimension and having to fight his way out with the help of the other members of his team.

Daniel-Sun has continued development of Armed with Wings over time, and in 2015, he released a new commercial game that can be bought on Steam: ''[[http://store.steampowered.com/app/340580/ Armed with Wings:Rearmed]]''. As the title indicates, it is a remastered edition of the first Armed with Wings game, with new features like boosters to increase your stats and repertoire; an enhanced combat system and an arsenal of weapons with different strengths and weaknesses. The game is being actively developed, with new features every so often.

Daniel-Sun has said that Rearmed is one of two games that he will work on, the other being called ''Armed with Wings:Versus'', which will feature many of the characters seen across the games. Development of the game has been postponed, presumably until development of Rearmed is finished. Daniel-Sun has stated that after these two games, there is a 3rd, as-of-yet unnamed game that he refers to as "The BIG ONE". It is meant to serve as a reboot of the plot for the entire series, with a story for each character.

You can find Daniel-Sun's website [[http://www.sun-studios.net/ here]], which also features many other non-[=AwW=] games that he has made/contributed to.

!!The series overall provide examples of:

* [[spoiler: AGodIsYou:]] [[spoiler: Essentially, the player in Armed with Wings 1 and 3. Interestingly, this status is ''not'' permanent; Those who are Armed With Wings will have their true nature as Blackmist revealed to them in their most dire hour, but the essence of the God Blackmist can leave the chosen Armed With Wings for another chosen. This is the case with the Lone Warrior, who was Armed With Wings (and thus Blackmist) in AWW 1 and 2, but was no longer during AWW 3 and ''Culmination'', since Leo was the new chosen.]]
* BackFromTheDead: Blackmist can bring the righteous back to life. This is how Armed with Wings is able to take his revenge on the King ([=AWW1=]), how he then brings back his rebel comrades ([=AWW2=]), and how [[spoiler:Leo brings back his mother and Lone Warrior from the grave]].
* BadassBoast: Vandheer, in basically every game he's in. "He who would channel the power of every star in the sky, I would consider a threat. Such a being does not exist."
* BigBad: Vandheer is the most recognizable antagonist of the series.
* BottomlessPits[=/=]SpikesOfDoom: They amount to nearly the same, and the games have no shortage of them. It also seems a tradition for every major boss fight to be fought on an arena surrounded by pits on both sides, and for the boss to conveniently have some attacks that can knock the player into them (''Red Moon'' is an exception). Of course, if the boss falls into the pit, they just reappear somewhere else on the arena [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard even if it meant instant death when you were playing as the character you're currently fighting]].
* CoolHelmet: Vandheer is never seen without his helmet.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: The art style is like this.
* EverythingFades: Justified, all living creatures in the game's universe dissolve into Blackmist upon death, the in-game dialogue even uses the word "disappear" as synonymous to "die" on several occasions.
* EvilOverlord: Vandheer Lorde is a pretty standard example.
* GameBreakingBug: Sadly, the programming in the games is often lacking. Examples include:
** [=AWW1=]: Goals that don't appear when supposed to, goals that are unreachable, getting stuck inside walls from knockback, problems with point of view and scrolling, inability to walk on certain objects may cause you to become stuck...
** Red Moon: a new bug has appeared recently which causes advertisements to mask the screen as you're trying to play.
** [=AWW2=]: Vindstot freezing in a state where she's unattackable and unable to attack.
** [=AWW3=]: Getting pushed through walls and stuck inside of them without possibility to get out nor a level restart button, Network teleporting out of reach in Survival mode, Vandheer freezing up in Survival mode...
*** The boss of chapter 4 can knock you out of the "arena" with its fire rain attack, back into the pit where the bridge leading to it was. That pit doesn't kill you if you fall into it, but actually can be stood on. It is possible (though rather difficult) to get back on the bridge using a combination of wall-jumping and careful eagle positioning, but getting back on the ''arena'' is another story. It is far easier (and far less time consuming) to simply restart the level.
** ''Culmination'': Using ultimate attack on too many enemies may cause the camera to stop following the player character, to the point of him leaving the screen completely. Worse, it may even remain stuck after you die and restart the level.
* AnIcePerson: In every game of the series, including the one where you control him, Vandheer is able to fire blue damaging projectiles. Due to the series' peculiar art style, they could have been anything, and it's only in ''Armed with Wings 3'' that they are revealed to be ice bolts.
* MadeOfExplodium: Weaker enemies and player characters dissipate into nothingness when they die, powerful enemies explode. Justified with everybody in this world being made of Blackmist.
* MeaningfulName: Vandheer [[EvilOverlord Lorde]]. Also Leo (lion). And [[{{God}} Blackmist]]. Also the names of a lot of places (like Gusty Valley).
* PowerGivesYouWings: The Lone Warrior, as [[TheChosenOne Armed with Wings]], have this, but we [[InformedAbility don't actually see them]] before the end of the second game. In the third, they appear, too, but mostly in the videos.
* RuleOfCool: There is no shortage of awesome-looking moves, explosions, and overall awesomeness.
** ''Culmination'' takes this UpToEleven
* SequelDecay: Some pay be disappointed with the lower difficulty of the later games compared to the first one.
* SequelEscalation: The first game was unbearably hard and lacked several crucial features, like a save function and the ability to jump, which admittedly makes for an odd platformer. Later games fixed those problems, toned down the difficulty, were much richer in terms of story and last but not least, [[RuleOfCool had more awesome attacks.]]
* ShoutOut: The whole series is clearly inspired by Manga/{{Bleach}}. The Power Wave and the Power of the Red Moon are very reminiscent of Getsouga Tenshou, and Vandheer's mask is quite reminiscent to something you'd see in Bleach. Completed Network is quite similar appearance-wise to Hollow Ichigo.
* SmugSuper: Vandheer Lorde is the most powerful person on the planet (besides Armed With Wings) and oh boy, does he like to flaunt it in other people's faces.
* SwordBeam: In [=AWW3=] Vandheer casts a modified one in a cutscene, it's a straight beam rather than a curved slash.
** In ''Culmination'', the powerslash move generates huge, if short-ranged, waves of energy.
* VillainTeleportation: Vandheer Lorde, in almost every game featuring him. The only game in which he does not is [=AWW2=] -- the one where you play as him. Especially prominent in ''[=AWW3=]'' and ''Culmination'', and '''[[UpToEleven especially]]''' in ''Culmination'', seeing as [[spoiler:the player will likely be [[TeleportSpam spamming them to hell and back]] in sheer glee.]]
* WorldsStrongestMan: Vandheer has been stated to be the strongest fighter in the world, not counting those blessed by Blackmist himself.

!!Armed with Wings 1 provides examples of:

* AdvancingBossOfDoom: A particular type which, instead of chasing you, tries to pin you to a spiked wall behind you, or knock you back into it.
* BadassLongcoat: Armed with Wings.
* ChargedAttack: Armed with Wings is able to perform a superpowered sword slash, that becomes stronger depending on how long he charges it. It is necessary to defeat some enemies and get past some obstacles.
* TheChosenOne: Armed with Wings.
* GuideDangIt: Killing the demon boss and solving some of the puzzles late-game can be rather frustrating. Thankfully there's a walkthrough.
* KamehameHadoken: Vandheer can fire one as his ultimate attack.
* LuckBasedMission: your success against the first boss highly depends on whether he decides to spam his windmill move, giving you no chance to retaliate against him and eventually pinning you to the spiked wall.
* MegatonPunch: Vandheer, again.
* RuleOfSymbolism: Blackmist is essentially the God of this world, and Armed With Wings definitely has Jesus-like overtones. Not to mention [[OurAngelsAreDifferent huge white wings]] when using his full power as Blackmist.
* StealthBasedGame: You can use your eagle to get enemies to face away from you while you powerslash them from behind, or make it drop rocks to make them move away from crucial spots.
* WeaksauceWeakness: The chosen of Blackmist is unable to jump even a centimeter off the ground and depends entirely on bridges to get across even the tiniest gaps.

!!Armed with Wings 2 provides examples of:

* AwesomeButImpractical: The Water sword of Eden unleashes geysers of water that deal massive damage to enemies. It also consumes all your energy to use it. And it has a looooong cast time, during which if an enemy hits you, you've wasted your energy. Yeeeeah. The best way to use it is on the second boss Vindstot in first phase while she's recovering.
* BagOfSpilling: Vandheer as a playable character loses a lot of his powers he had as final boss, like his MegatonPunch and his KamehameHadoken. Of course, [[JustifiedTrope this could be due to him being weakened by his defeat at the hands of Armed with Wings.]]
* BilingualBonus: [[LethalLavaLand Fuego Mountain]]. Fuego is fire in Spanish.
** "Quema Tormenta" is Spanish for "Burn Storm", though Daniel-Sun probably meant "Burning Storm". Also, Smoking Martillo; "Martillo" is Spanish for hammer, thus, "Smoking Hammer".
* BlowYouAway: Vindstot, some unnamed mage in the Gusty Valley, and Vandheer with the sword of Wind. The first two can both blow you away into a spike pit.
* BlownAcrossTheRoom: Most bosses have power attacks that will send Vandheer flying - usually that's the last attack in their combo chain. This is a bad thing because most bosses have BottomlessPits around their arena. Hawken is particularly rage-inducing with this, because his knockback move is dished out using his WhipSword, which has an ''immense'' range.
* BondVillainStupidity: Heroic example. [[spoiler:Why didn't Blackmist just kill Vandheer, but decided to seal him instead?]]
* BossOnlyLevel: The few levels preceding the final boss have no enemies at all and are only there to raise the tension.
* BraggingRightsReward: You get the sword of Lightning when starting a NewGamePlus.
* ContinuityNod: Armed with Wings as a boss uses the same chain combo of sword strikes he could use as a playable character, along with a charged power slash.
* DifficultySpike: The Hard mode in this game is very noticeably harder than Normal. It changes not only the power and amount of enemies, but also the layout of several levels to be noticeably harder. Also, it turns several bosses, which are fairly easy on normal mode, into vicious killing machines who will spam their attacks with barely any window to hit them in return.
* FateWorseThanDeath: [[spoiler:Vandheer ends up sealed in a white room for all eternity... or not, since he gets out in ''Armed with Wings 3''.]]
* {{Fireballs}}: Quema Tormenta's ultimate attack is a massive ball of fire that can only be avoided via super jump and deals massive damage if it hits. Unfortunately it also uses so much energy he has to take a break, during which he's wide open.
* HeadsIWinTailsYouLose: [[spoiler:Armed with Wings fight. If you lose, Vandheer is killed, if you win he is [[SealedEvilInACan sealed in a room forever]]... or is he?]]
* InfinityPlusOneSword: The sword of Lightning special consumes less energy than your cheapest special move, deals enough damage to kill even bosses in one hit, and most importantly, calls down lightning from the skies. And it looks like a lightning bolt, too.
* LethalLavaLand: Fuego Mountain.
* MakingASplash: Vandheer with the sword of Water.
* OneLastSmoke: Vandheer denies a last smoke to Smoking Martillo, which is probably a good idea seeing as Martillo is able to attack with smoke.
* PlayingWithFire: Quema Tormenta, and Vandheer with the sword of Fire. Oddly enough, Smoking Martillo wields the sword of Fire but does not have any Fire attacks.
* PunchedAcrossTheRoom: Vandheer's grab move is a variation of this. He telekinetically raises his unfortunate victim above his head and then sends them flying with a blast of magical energy. Usually this kills normal mooks on the spot.
** Some enemy attacks (like Armed with Wings' power slash or Hawken's whip uppercut) do this as well, usually in an attempt to throw you down a bottomless pit or spiked pit.
* RazorWind: Vindstot can attack with slicing blades of wind.
* ShockAndAwe: With the sword of Lightning.
* SmokingIsCool: Smoking Martillo, obviously.
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler:Brother Hawken. He betrays Vandheer in ''Red Moon'' in an attempt to seize power. Come ''Armed with Wings 2'', Vandheer calls upon him for aid, and this time he joins the rebels and betrays him AGAIN.]]
* SuperSmoke: Smoking Martillo can turn to smoke and push an enemy away with smoke clouds. In easier difficulty modes, he is visible when turned to smoke, but not on Hard.
* VillainProtagonist: Vandheer.
* WhipSword: Hawken's weapon is a variation, in that it's a regular sword swung around on a cord connected to the hilt.

!!Armed with Wings 3 provides examples of:

* AnnoyingArrows: The archers don't deal much damage (then again, most of the enemies don't deal too much damage anyways), plus their arrows can be deflected. However they can become deadly if they hit you mid-jump and send you hurtling into a bottomless pit.
* BossOnlyLevel: Much like in the previous game, before reaching Network and Vandheer, you cross some empty territory with no enemies at all.
* BreakingOutTheBoss: Inverted: it's the boss ([[GodOfEvil Network]]) who breaks out his subordinate ([[EvilOverlord Vandheer Lorde]]). [[spoiler:But played somewhat straight in that it is Vandheer who is the FinalBoss, not Network]].
* TheChosenOne: Leo, this time.
* ContinuityNod: Vandheer uses the Blade of Lightning as his new signature weapon, which he presumably obtained inside the room of sealing, just like the player gained it after finishing AWW2.
** One of Leo's specials is a giant energy wave, a nod to Eivana's powers conferred by the Red Moon in..., well, ''Red Moon''.
* CrosshairAware: The location where the fourth boss' fireballs will fall is marked by a beam of light.
* DevelopersForesight: After the first stage, the Blacksmith will give you the new "traditional karate" style. However, if you are on a [[NewGamePlus NewGame+]], you will already have this style. The dialogue will change to reflect this. Oddly, this doesn't happen with the other styles you are given.
* DoppelgangerSpin: One of Vandheer's attacks involves confusing the enemy with a flurry of movements so fast they leave afterimages, before delivering a powerful uppercut with his sword.
* FlashStep: Vandheer, Network, and you can do it too with the appropriate magic!
* FieldOfBlades: The first boss has an attack that makes a multitude of swords stab out of the ground, pointy ends up, of course.
* FinalBossPreview: You first fight Vandheer in level 3. The next time you face him, he's the FinalBoss.
* {{Fireballs}}: The flaming skull boss rains them from the sky and spits them from his mouth too.
* FlamingSkulls: You fight such enemies in the fourth level. And the boss of said level is a [[KingMook giant]], [[PlayingWithFire pyrokinetic]] version.
* HealingFactor: You can buy this as an upgrade for Leo, both for his health (which will gradually heal him to half his maximum health whenever he has less than half) and special bar (which is always on).
* HopelessBossFight: You can't win the first battle with [[spoiler:Vandheer Lorde]]. You just have to survive long enough.
* KingMook: The fire skull boss of level 4, to the jumping skull enemies in the same level.
* MessianicArchetype: Leo, complete with a virgin birth.
* ReasonYouSuckSpeech: When Leo comes to face Network, the latter asks him: "Have you come for justice, or revenge?" then snorts derisively that Leo is but a child blinded by his own hatred... [[spoiler:until, that is, he sees Blackmist's wings on Leo's back.]]
* SealedEvilInACan: Vandheer is now this. [[spoiler:The "can" is broken in the third chapter by an even greater evil.]]
* ShockAndAwe: Gaaz' ultimate move is a [[ThatOneAttack fairly hard to avoid lightning storm]]. It's possible, and fairly easy, to kill him without him doing this even once, though.
* TheManBehindTheMan: Network is kinda this to Vandheer Lorde this time, Vandheer himself being his Chosen (just like Leo is to Blackmist). Interestingly, Vandheer is still the final boss, while Network is second-to-last.
* ThisCannotBe: Network.
* TurnsRed: Many bosses in the game do this at low health, starting to move faster and/or gaining other abilities. Particularly notable for this are:
** The first boss (who stops walking around slowly and starts running around at high speed, making him much more deadlier as it becomes harder to keep your distance, also when he uses his special the swords move around before emerging, making them harder to avoid),
** The fourth boss, who rains down more fireballs faster when damaged. The size of the fireball he casts just before taking a rest also goes up as his health goes down. If he's really badly wounded, he takes you by surprize by casting not one but two of them.
** Network, the fifth boss. Once taken to half health he proceeds to collapse the sides of the area you're fighting him in to a bottomless abyss (which can be a nasty surprise if you were precisely there just as you brought him at half health). He will also start using his special moves much more often, and uses more of them too. He also gains Anti-Flinch when he has about 1/3 of life remaining.
** Vandheer Lorde too. Once he loses about 1/4th of his health, he gains Anti-Flinch. He may seldomly use his special moves at first, but he'll use them every other combo once he loses about half his health.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic: Network, the antithesis to Blackmist, is obviously the Satan of this world. Which might make Vandheer the Antichrist? And Leo has Jesus-like overtones - a child with no father, son of Blackmist if you will.
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler:Well, mother.]]

!!Red Moon provides examples of:
* ActionGirl: Eivana, the player character.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: This game has the very first appearance of [[BigBad Net]][[{{Satan}} work]], in the ending cutscene. Back then, [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment his purpose was unclear]] as he just sorta appears and stands there, [[spoiler:stopping Vandheer from finishing Hawken off in the process]]. We never get any explanation of what he is and what he was doing there until [=AWW3=]. This encounter is how Eivana learned about Network and got the idea that Vandheer might be able to face him.
* BadMoonRising: The Red Moon, obviously.
* ClusterFBomb: More like "Cluster S Bomb", but same effect; Hawken, [[spoiler: when he and Eivana are at Vandheer's non-existent mercy.]]
* HeadsIWinTailsYouLose: [[spoiler:The Vandheer Lorde fight. If you lose, Eivana dies. If you win, Vandheer still kicks the duo's asses anyways and they're forced into hiding.]]
* LimitBreak: The power of the Red Moon, which can be unleashed into a devastating power wave once you have slain enough enemies or collected a Moon orb.
* ShockAndAwe: Vandheer's ultimate power in this game is conjuring a line of lightning blasts.
* TheStarscream: Hawken, who wants to overthrow Vandheer Lorde.
* WhamLine: Arguably:
--> '''Vandheer''' (to Hawken's boast about the Red Moon): ''[[spoiler: Hmph. A Red Moon. So? [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter What kind of King would I be if I couldn't harness the power of a Red Moon?]] [[OhCrap Something as forgettable as that won't help you at all]].]]''
* WhenThePlanetsAlign: "Once in a decade, the moon shines red," and on that day, Eivana and Hawken [[spoiler:(but also [[BigBad Vandheer]])]] gain incredible power.

!!Culmination provides examples of:

* ContinuityNod: Vandheer has the same moveset as in ''Armed With Wings 3'' - though he's now [[ThatOneBoss a lot more brutal with it]].
* [[spoiler:DuelingPlayerCharacters]]: [[spoiler:Depending on your difficulty, you'll get to play as either Vandheer or Lone Warrior against the other.]]
* DyingAlone: The Lone Warrior in the end, [[spoiler:though we know it doesn't stick]].
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: Daniel-Sun must ''really'' love this. Lone Warrior is doomed by canon -- he is to be slain by Vandheer Lorde [[spoiler: and then revived by Leo.]] Normal Mode plays with it a bit though, since [[spoiler:[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome you take control of Vandheer Lorde for the battle]].]] Hard Mode plays it straight, since [[spoiler:you fight Vandheer with Lone Warrior and Vandheer will pretty much one-hit kill you as soon as you bring him down to no health.]]
* GoldenEnding: Averted. Whether you play normal or hard, there will be NO good end. The final battle differs, but the result is the same.
* InvulnerableAttack: Lone Warrior has his ultimate move. Vandheer has invincibility frames at the end of his specials (notably his super speed slash). By the end of the battle, the best moment to harm him is the split second between those frames and the moment when he starts counterattacking.
* MirrorBoss: Lone Warrior's battle against Vandheer is one this time around. Two agile swordfighters with three special moves each (though Lone Warrior's ultimate is useless on Vandheer) and many combo possibilities - perhaps more than any other boss in this series, this is a battle of pure skill. Of course, Vandheer's attacks have a longer range and he's not limited by energy.
* NaturalWeapon: Most enemies are shadow-demons with blades for hands.
* NoSell: Do not even try to use Lone Warrior's ultimate move on Vandheer. He is immune to it, and you'll just waste energy you could have used for power slashing him.
* ReverseGrip: The normal way for Lone Warrior to hold his sword. Curiously, he didn't do it in [=AWW3=].
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Basically the whole plot.
* RuleOfCool: Runs on this, perhaps even more than previous installments.
* TeleportSpam: Used in Lone Warrior's ultimate special. He becomes invulnerable and links all the enemies in sight with a "thread" of sorts, then teleports around, delivering a powerful slash to every target marked so. '''Very''' satisfying to pull off on a multitude of enemies, especially since doing so will probably give you the energy to do it again.
** Vandheer as usual can teleport, but he normally does not spam it, however [[spoiler:when you take control of him for the Normal difficulty battle, you have the option to spam his teleport slash over and over again. It's a GameBreaker because the AI cannot avoid it and Vandheer never loses energy, so you can spam it to your heart's content with no retaliation and tear Lone Warrior apart.]]
* TurnsRed: Vandheer starts off doing little but his basic combo (though even that has a long range and is pretty punishing), and he leaves himself vulnerable doing it. As time goes on, he starts using his teleport slash at the end of it, simultaneously leaving less room to hit him and doing more damage himself. He also uses his specials a lot more later on. He also begins to run instead of walking at the midpoint of the battle. [[SerialEscalation By the end of the battle]], [[RuleOfCool he's pulling off crazy stunts]] like a ''long'' sequence of {{Flash Step}}s all over the place before attacking, and ''[[{{Flight}} flying]]'' in order to [[DeathFromAbove drop a bolt of energy on you.]]
* YouRebelScum: Said by Vandheer almost word-for-word.