->''Even in your flash game, F.O.E! ...Wait a minute...''
-->--The first game's tagline, [[WidgetSeries and boy, does it ever take the quote and run with it.]]

A flash game anthology series made by Website/YouTube user [=KingOfGETs=], this stars the characters from the Touhou Project series, as the title indicates.

Despite the title, the first games weren't titled ''Alice in Spaceland'' at all; they were instead titled ''Cirno's Vengeance''. Five games were made, but three of them can pretty much be considered "canon" to the series.

** ''Cirno's Quality Quiz''
** ''Cirno's Vengeance''
** ''Cirno's Snowflakes''
** ''Cirno's Vengeance 2: (9)''
** ''Cirno's Vengeance: EX''

The last of them is a stand-alone version of the true end to Cirno's Vengeance 2. The plot of the series kicks off when Cirno challenges Alice to her ([[RuleOfFunny hilariously]] [[StylisticSuck broken]]) games she has created, in order to defeat Alice at long last. Naturally, Cirno being Cirno, she [[EpicFail epically fails all of her attempts.]]

''Cirno's Vengeance 2'' kicks off where the first one left off. Cirno, now having turned Super Sayan for some reason, forces Alice to play through an 'impossible maze'. This time, [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Cirno manages to make this even worse, so naturally, you'll need to find your way through her 'castle']] [[TimedMission on a time limit, which isn't good.]] And she appears to have obitained the [[VideoGame/PaperMario Star Rod]]. Of course, never underestimate Alice in her attempt to seek the strongest fairy in this dimension. Eventually, she is finally cornered, and Alice says 'double [expelitive VERY deleted for racial reasons]', gets Reimu to burn the ice fairy, and Cirno is destroyed!

...at least that's what Alice wishes to think, as we crescendo into the last part of the Cirno's Vengeance trilogy, ''Cirno's Vengeance EX''. [[GuideDangIt Provided you find out you need to press a button as Alice says the line in the right corner of the dialogue box]], you won't get to her last form. If you do figure THAT out, Cirno pits you through a hell of a survival round. You'll need to dodge her dash attacks, [[EverythingTryingToKillYou snowflakes]], [[FrickinLaserBeams badly hitboxed laser beams]], [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure a ZA WAURDO that doesn't even work]], and a poorly aimed nine-ball symbol, all in order to beat her. Then, Cirno tires out...and gets zapped by a laser, that happened to come from a sentient sword. Alice demands to know what happened to Cirno, [[TheStinger only for this new enemy to escape and breathe another day.]]

Thus begins the series proper, with Alice flying through space, and trying to find this new threat and eradicate him.

Eventually, [[BigBad Zio]] is destroyed by Alice, but there is still the objective of finding Cirno. Alice in Spaceland 2 begins, as Alice searches for her. At the end of the final stage, Cirno is freed from her prison of, ironically enough, ice, [[TooDumbToLive since she shot a bottle of anti-freeze until it spilled all over her and froze her.]] Then, after Cirno is freed, Eiki Shiki, the Judge of the Dead herself, appears and challenges the two. The thing is, [[OhCrap Cirno has forgotten how to fire her bullets, so you will have to do double duty to ensure that she doesn't die along with you.]] Mercifully, Cirno has at least as many lives as you do.

Once Eiki Shiki is defeated, she performs a HeelFaceTurn and joins the group. However, between games, [[WildMassGuessing they must have stumbled across a new dimension, got a new ship somehow,]] and thus they need to escape from it. This kicks off the third, [[SequelDifficultySpike and by far the hardest]], game in the series, Alice in Spaceland 3. New boss enemies are introduced, and old ones make a return. The trio finally faces Zio [[spoiler: who apparently duplicated himself during the events of ''2''.]] The three manage to take him down...only for him to resurface a little later in a different version of level 5. This time, they don't fight the [[spoiler: two Zios.]] [[spoiler: Instead, they fight his disciple, a ship called Mission. It's a hard and long battle, but they prevail yet again.]]

The next game in the series, Alice Xi, is basically a dimension hopping adventure, with Alice fighting plenty of creatures blocking her way to the dimension where Zio and Mission are held up in. Once she fights her way through the ten dimensions and blasts through the last one, she faces with Zio and Mission again, and emerges victorious. Did I mention that this game is the easiest of the lot? [[GuideDangIt It's trying to figure out the password for the final dimension is what is hard.]]

Cirno Xi, yet another game in the series, has Cirno in the ship once again fighting the forces of evil and F.O.E. This game has seen the most updates, continually cranking out boss fight after boss fight, to the point it is basically a Boss Game. Nobody was sure whether this was the last game in the series...

...Until Master F.O.E and the F.O.E Five appeared. After that fight, the Spaceland Adventure arc begins. It basically continues the story, and [[CerebusSyndrome the story seems to be taking a darker turn as of late.]]

His flash games (and the series as a whole) used to be played [[http://www.nonoba.com/kog on Nonoba]], but due to the site's shutdown, it took all of the games with it. Because [=KingOfGETs=] didn't back them up elsewhere, the games are likely lost forever, save for the first three as they're on Newgrounds.

!!This flash game series provides some examples of... (and please don't be afraid to add examples as you see fit)

* AbortedArc: [[spoiler: None of the plot threads established in ''Spaceland Adventure 2'' are addressed since [=KingOfGames=] simply made one more battle against his AuthorAvatar and called it a day.]]
* TheAce: [=McGillicutty=] didn't earn his Ph.D in Asteroids (and in a more meta sense, That One Boss credentials) for nothing.
* AffablyEvil: Cirno, [[TheDitz of course.]] Seeing as she fails at being the villain, it's only [[JustifiedTrope justified.]]
* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler: Though she kinda wasn't really a part of Renko's plans and she happened to oppose Cirno and Eiki Shieki alongside her, one can't help but feel sorry for Maribel when she faded away.]]
* ArtShift: About halfway through ''Cirno's Vengeance 2: (9)'', the graphics noticeably take a leap forward from the incredibly crude looking art style. Lampshaded by Alice:
---> '''Alice''': Why the sudden jump in graphics?
** Also happens earlier in ''Cirno's Vengeance'' when she meets EFG. Everything takes on a sketchy style in the style of the Take On Me music video (the song even plays during the scene!).
* BaitAndSwitchBoss: One of the secret fights in ''Alice in Spaceland 2''. At first, the game makes you think it's just going to be an [[HarderThanHard even harder variation]] of Malleo (because the Hyper Malleegee was already punishment enough). [[spoiler: And then it's telltale eyes shift into black dead eyes looking directly towards the player, and then his head pops off his body to reveal a red crystal...which then reveals a familiar face. [[VideoGame/SonicR Can you feel the sunshine?]]]]
* BigBad: Zio, and later, alongside Mission. [[spoiler: [[DiscOneFinalBoss Or, so we originally thought.]]]]
* BigBadWannabe: Cirno, again.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler: [=KingofGames=], in his Asteroids fighter mode, rescues Cirno from a unwinnable battle with Master F.O.E once her life count dips low enough in ''Cirno Xi''.]]
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler: ''Spaceland Adventure 2's'' ending. Cirno manages to defeat Renko and Maribel and put an end to Renko's plans once and for all. However, Maribel is now dead thanks to the fight, Alice is still trapped in the Sands of Time and Renko is distraught at the death of her close friend. There ''is'' a light at the end of the tunnel, though: Cirno extends a hand of help to Renko and promises to her that, once she makes sure Alice is okay, she will find a way to bring Maribel back to life and make Renko happy again.]]
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: It turns out that [[spoiler:Cirno was this]] during the events of the ''Cirno's Vengeance'' arc.
* BrickJoke: EFG in ''Cirno's Vengeance''. The last time we see him before Cirno ditches him to get her "final boss" ready, he falls onto a flight of stairs trying to climb up them. Just before the final "battle" of ''Cirno's Vengeance 2: (9)'', you'll come across the same flight of stairs from the scene, [[spoiler: and he's still propped up against the stairs, having not moved from that one spot!]]
* BonusBoss: You'll usually find these if you use a password on some of the games or do something out of the ordinary, [[SchmuckBait like wait on the start-up screen for a while...]]
* BossGame: Both ''Alice Xi'' and ''Cirno Xi'' seem to have this, especially the latter, since most of the updates have been nothing but boss fights.
* BossRush: Damn near every game has a definitive Boss Rush in it. The newer games seem to be abandoning this, though.
* BulletHell: The game can certainly verge on this with little to no problem. [[spoiler: It gets especially bad near the end of The Quantum Zone in ''Alice Xi''.]]
* CerebusSyndrome: The first few games were pretty light-hearted and just a few serious moments. As of the end of ''Cirno Xi'' and the ''Spaceland Adventure'' arc, [[spoiler: Alice had gotten kidnapped, the real villain has revealed herself, and a character has actually ''died''.]]
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: In Cirno's Vengeance EX, the white snowflakes will give you points. On the other hand, you'll need to avoid the blue ones and a quick reaction time if you intend to survive Cirno's assault.
* ContinuityNod: In the last thirty seconds of the fight in Spaceland Adventure 2's Extra Mode, [[spoiler:Renko and Maribel use moves that Cirno once fought with in Cirno's Vengeance EX. The dash moves, the laser beams, the blue snowflakes, even the Star Rod comes back into play when Renko uses it to summon Maribel's last dash attack with Ran and Chen and the final barrage of lasers before their final attack. Also could fall into NostalgiaLevel.]]
* CoresAndTurretsBoss: [[BonusBoss MC2.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Alice, ''big time''. You can't really blame her, considering all the downright bizarre situations she gets tossed into on a regular basis.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Eiki Shiki at the end of ''Alice in Spaceland 2''. [[spoiler: Also implied with Renko Usami after Cirno defeats her and Maribel Han in ''Spaceland Adventure 2''.]]
* {{Determinator}}: After [[spoiler: Alice's capture]], Cirno becomes this.
* DemotedToExtra: Some of the main characters didn't show up for Alice Xi or Cirno Xi, though this has been getting averted lately, now that the characters are getting prominence in the Spaceland Adventure arc. [[TheHero Reimu]], however, has been playing this straight, appearing only for ''Cirno's Vengeance'' before getting blasted by Cirno and was part of a planned boss fight with her, Alice and Marisa that never got finished..
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Turns out that [[spoiler:Zio was merely the creation of the real Big Bad]].
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu?: Did you just defeat [[spoiler: '''[[BreakingTheFourthWall the freaking creator of the series himself?!]]''']]
* TheDitz: Cirno, natch.
* TheDragon: Mission to Zio. [[spoiler: Well, both of them are puppets of the real BigBad, so they are technically are both Dragons.]]
* DualBoss: The end of ''Alice in Spaceland 3'' has you [[spoiler:fighting two Zios at once. Even though you can turn your ship now, don't expect the same trick from the first one to work as well. Also, Zio and Mission in [[ExpansionPack Level +5]] and Alice Xi. There are other examples, but these seem to stand out the most.]]
** [[spoiler: Renko and Maribel's fight at the end of Spaceland Adventure 2 also counts.]]
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The ''Cirno's Vengeance'' games were all side-scrollers that never really involved any combat, unless you count the final battle in ''Cirno's Vengeance: EX'' (and even then that was more or less a survival round). The first two ''Alice in Spaceland'' games also count; some of the established enemies had not yet been introduced (which meant most of the bosses were just groups of F.O.E that shot at you and the occasional [=McGillicutty=] encounter), Alice could only shoot forward at enemies, the background was limited to simple space, etc.
* EldritchLocation: [[spoiler: The Quantum Zone. The only zone in the game that has a constantly changing background, has inhuman warping outlines, has ambient music, and is pretty much the nexus of Mission and Zio's dealings.]]
* EmpathicWeapon: Zio. He's a big, neon light sword. Makes you think he's a GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere when you first see him until you look at ''Cirno's Vengeance'' and figure out that he's the [[spoiler: fake]] BigBad. He sure fills the bill for a sentient sword, though.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: [[spoiler: Renko is quite upset after the battle with her and Maribel ends up killing the latter.]]
* ExcusePlot: Unless you look at ''Cirno's Vengeance'' first, you won't realize why Alice is trying to fight Zio in the first Alice in Spaceland. ''Alice Xi'' seems to play this more straight. There's barely any dialogue from any of the characters, except for the Nonoba Admins and Mission. Other than that, it is simply Alice dimension hopping to find Zio and Mission.
* FinalBoss: Each game in the series has had one in their normal modes.
** Cirno's Vengance: Cirno.
** Alice in Spaceland: Zio.
** Alice in Spaceland 2: Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu. Though why she appeared as the last enemy you fight in Alice in Spaceland 2 is yet to be explained.
** Alice in Spaceland 3: [[spoiler: Dual Zio.]]
** Alice in Spaceland 3 Level +5: [[spoiler: Mission and Zio, first encounter.]]
** Alice Xi: [[spoiler: Mission and Zio, final encounter]]
** Cirno Xi: [[spoiler: [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Hina Kagiyama]]]]
** Spaceland Adventure: [[spoiler: [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere Goomba F.O.E.]]]]
** Spaceland Adventure 2: [[spoiler: Havoc MK III.]]
* GratuitousSpanish: Cirno [[ShoutOut speaks in Spanish]] [[WebAnimation/CharlieTheUnicorn to a Z Satellite.]] It doesn't end well.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere:
** Some of the bosses certainly qualify for this position. Most of the bosses in Alice Xi seem to be this, and the final boss of Cirno Xi, [[spoiler: [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Hina Kagiyama]]]], is definitely this, since there is no lead up or hints to her prescence at all. Special mention goes to the final boss of ''Spaceland Adventure'', [[spoiler: who is just an F.O.E in the shape of a [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Goomba.]]]]
** Eiki Shiki at the end of Alice in Spaceland 2, since she appears right after the last stage for seemingly no reason at all, other than to prevent Alice from leaving with Cirno alive.
* GuideDangIt: Some of the things you have to do in order to get a secret boss or something can be rather difficult to figure out.
** Getting to [[spoiler: the Quantum Zone]] in Alice Xi requires you to collect ten letters across the first ten dimensions and then unscramble them to make out a password to enter said dimension. The problem lies within the fact that the password is a word '''nobody''' would have guessed if not for King Of Games releasing a video detailing the entire anthology in December of 2013. [[spoiler: For the uninformed, the word in question is "EURHYTHMIC"]].
* HarderThanHard: Lunatic Mode, naturally.
* HeelFaceTurn: After Eiki Shiki's defeat in ''2'', she joins Alice and Cirno on their adventures from ''3'' onward.
** [[spoiler: This is implied to be the case with Renko Usami after her battle in ''Spaceland Adventure 2''.]]
* HopelessBossFight: The second half of the Master F.O.E fight. [[spoiler: ...At least, at first.]]
* LeftHanging: [[spoiler: That plotline that saw Maribel Han die and Cirno promising to comb the Sands of Time to find a way to bring her back to life? Yeah, that's never gonna happen, because immediately after, Cirno instead fights The Creator. Again. And that's the end. AntiClimax, much?]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: All of Zio's pre-battle appearances save the first Alice in Spaceland and Alice Xi were backed by [[VideoGame/{{Kirby}} Marx's theme]] from [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]. Likewise, [[spoiler: Mission's]] pre-battle appearances and actual battles are always backed up by part of [[Manga/ShugoChara Lulu's (unreleased) Theme]] and Nick Perrin's Transcend (from the Newgrounds Audio Portal) respectively.
* LifeMeter: Ezam in Spaceland Adventure 2's Hard Mode had the dubious honor of being the first boss in-series to have one (not counting Cirno Day). [[spoiler: Renko Usami and Maribel Han at the end of the game have their own bars as well.]]
* TheManBehindTheMan: [[spoiler: Renko Usami, the other world version of Reimu. She is the one who brainwashed Cirno, created Zio, and piloted Mission. She has been leading the group through a wild goose chase, and only after the end of Cirno Xi does she finally reveal herself. At the end of Spaceland Adventure 2, she teams up with Maribel Han to fight Cirno and Eiki Shiki. She is the cause of all of the events happening in the series so far...[[EvenEvilHasStandards yet she is visibly upset when she sees Maribel die after the fight with the two.]]]]
* MarathonBoss: Some of the bosses have ridiculously high health values, so this was bound to happen. This makes some of the fights pretty damn difficult, thanks to the fact that they may outlast your lives.
* MoreDakka:
** Cirno summons a huge amount of snowflakes to kill you in the beginning of Cirno's Vengeance. They're all badly coded, so they don't hurt you at all.
** [[spoiler: Renko and Maribel in the last six seconds of the Extra Mode fight in Spaceland Adventure 2 send out a huge bullet pattern that would probably give [[VideoGame/DonPachi Hibachi]] a run for his money. Thankfully, before it can totally wreck your life count due to Cirno being a total dumbass, time runs out.]]
* NoEnding: [[spoiler:Kind of. It sort of stops short before anything interesting could be done with the Death of Maribel Arc, instead opting for another Creator battle.]]
* OminousMusicBoxTune: The fight against the [[spoiler: Weegee Doll]] in ''Cirno Xi''.
* OnlySaneMan: Alice, at the start of the series, though since the CerebusSyndrome is kicking in, Alice isn't the only sane one anymore. [[spoiler: Cirno actually has been making an effort to bring Alice back, [[{{Determinator}} even bringing down Renko Usami to prove a point.]]]]
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: [[spoiler: Mission delivers one to Alice before engaging in the final battle of Alice Xi.]]
---> [[spoiler: '''Mission''']]: It's your turn to vanish. Come, my dear Alice. Let's see what fate has in store for you!!!
* PressXToDie: Pressing any keys during the intro dialogue between Cirno and Alice in ''Cirno's Vengeance'' will cause Alice to vanish from the game entirely, which means you're gonna have to refresh your browser if you want to play the game properly.
* PlotCoupon: Fourth wall breaking ones at that. [[spoiler: The letters you're collecting at the end of each dimension in Alice Xi will help Alice get to the last dimension. Yes, [[BreakingTheFourthWall YOU]] are helping Alice in her mission to destroy Zio and Mission...by typing in a password.]]
* RecurringBoss: Kind of like VideoGame/{{Parodius}} in a sense, bosses seen in previous installments always seem to find some way into another game. The [[ThoseWackyNazis F.O.E Nazi]] seems to be the most prominent of these, appearing in almost every game since Alice in Spaceland 3.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: A '''big''' whammy in Wave -1 of ''Spaceland Adventure'': Renko turns out to have caused the events of the story in the first place, having brainwashed Cirno into attacking Alice and trapping her in Spaceland to begin with, creating Zio to hamper Alice throughout her travels in Spaceland, created Mission to go after Alice herself and when that failed, transformed her into the leader of the F.O.Es, betrayed the other F.O.E leaders, destroyed Alice's ship, captured Alice and trapped her in the Sands of Time to goad Cirno into following her without the ship.]]
* SamusIsAGirl: [[spoiler:Mission and the Master F.O.E, who are really Renko under different pseudonyms and appearances.]]
* SequelDifficultyDrop: Save for probably [[spoiler: the Quantum Zone]], ''Alice Xi'' is ''much'' easier than its predecessor.
* SequelDifficultySpike: Alice in Spaceland 3 is noticeably harder than the other games, though the same could be said for the previous installments.
* StylisticSuck: Cirno's games are...unfinished, to say the least.
* SuspiciousVideoGameGenerosity: In Alice in Spaceland 3, you receive a ton of lives in Level 5, just before you fight the '5' satellite boss. Given [[NintendoHard how the previous levels were]], and the fact that the challenging FinalBoss is just around the corner, you're gonna need 'em.
* TeleportSpam: [[spoiler: Mission]] ''loves'' to [[ExploitedTrope abuse this trope]] during the two times you fight him/[[spoiler:her]].
* TemptingFate: Reimu ends up doing this in ''Cirno's Vengeance'' after she scorches Cirno and makes her angry. No guesses as to how she ends up meeting her end.
---> '''Reimu''': What's she going to do, fire a giant laser at me?
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Cirno tries to do this a lot during the ''Cirno's Vengeance'' saga. Most attempts either fail to harm Alice at all or are terribly hitboxed.
* ThoseWackyNazis: The F.O.E Nazi.
* TookALevelInBadass: Cirno isn't ''quite'' as much of the ditzy airhead she is in the later installments.
* TrueFinalBoss: Cirno's Final Assault in Cirno's Vengance EX, Master F.O.E and the F.O.E Five in Cirno Xi, [[spoiler: Renko Usami and Maribel Han in Spaceland Adventure 2.]]
* TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon: [[spoiler:The Quantum Zone]] in Alice Xi. [[spoiler: Creepy, ambient music?]] Check. [[spoiler: Enemies that are constantly warping inhuman outlines that are dangerous in mass numbers?]] Check. [[spoiler: The primary base of operations for Mission and Zio?]] '''Check.'''
* WalkingSpoiler: [[spoiler: Renko Usami, considering she masterminded the entire series' events to a T.]]
* WhamEpisode:
** [[spoiler:The beginning of Spaceland Adventure's Wave -1. The real BigBad was Renko Usami all along, Alice is captured by her, and now it's up to Cirno to set things right.]]
** [[spoiler:The end of Spaceland Adventure 2. [[BittersweetEnding Maribel Han dies, but there is hope; once Cirno finds out how to bring Alice back from the Sands of Time, she will help Renko revive Maribel.]]]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: All three of the main characters in both Alice Xi (Cirno and Eiki Shiki) and Cirno Xi (Alice and Eiki Shiki), but mostly Eiki Shiki. Cirno is [[SpotlightStealingSquad mostly in the spotlight]] post Alice Xi, but lately, that is being remedied. Reimu's the most guilty of this however, as she has only made an appearance in Cirno's Vengance, and hasn't appeared since then.
* WolfpackBoss: The Asteroid Fighters in ''Alice in Spaceland 3'' and ''Alice Xi''.
* TheWorfEffect: [[spoiler: [=McGillicutty=] is seen smoldering and falling from the sky, uttering "So...STRONG!", presumably having his ass handed to him on a silver platter by Mission and Zio just before the beginning of the last wave in The Quantum Zone. And then he suddenly gets frozen. [[CatharsisFactor Some may find it enlightening to see him get plastered]], considering he was probably one of the most challenging bosses in Alice in Spaceland 3]].
** [[spoiler: And he's not the only one to get iced; the F.O.E Nazi, Cirno and Mr. W are all seen encased in ice as the stage progresses, presumably by Mission's/Renko's hand.]]
* WhyWontYouDie: [[spoiler: Mission says this word for word when trying to kill Mr. W just before the final battle. Zio takes care of that quickly, however.]]
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler:What Renko does to the other F.O.E leaders right before TheReveal.]]
* YouWillNotEvadeMe: Zio ([[spoiler: both times you fight him]]) and [=McGillicutty=].
* ZeroEffortBoss: [[spoiler: The first encounter with Renko Usami. None of her bullets can hurt you whatsoever, and she doesn't take much to go down before she has to retreat.]]
** WorfHadTheFlu: [[spoiler: This is justified, however: Renko had spent so much time in Spaceland already that her powers had taken a '''serious''' hit once she finally decided to fight Cirno face to face. The fact that her ass had already been kicked just prior as the Master F.O.E probably could ''not'' have been good for her, nor could it have been good for her being shot down ''twice'' as Mission. Once we see her again in ''Spaceland Adventure 2'', [[LetsGetDangerous she doesn't fool around and shows off what she can do alongside Maribel Han.]]]]