The sixth game in the ''VideoGame/AceCombat'' series and the first one to be released on portable consoles (UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance). You fly as "Ace" in what appears to be a prequel to ''VideoGame/AceCombat3Electrosphere''. Released in 2005.
!! Tropes found in the game

* AKA47: All of the planes are fictional variants of real ones.
* GenreShift: A 2D top down shooter with free map movement ala Videogame/DesertFighter or Videogame/StrikeSeries.
* ForegoneConclusion: ''Advance'' has you trying to protect the remaining independent republics from [[OneNationUnderCopyright corporate takeover]], but it's pretty clear in ''Electrosphere'' that it ended up happening anyway.
* NoExportForYou: The first game in the series not to see a Japanese release.