!Battle Modes
->Avaliable in: original, ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
The main mode. Here, players fight to knock the other players off the stage multiple times during a set time limit. If the player successfully K.O.s an opponent, he or she will recieve a point, and if the player gets K.O.ed, he or she loses a point. The player with the most points after time is up wins. In the event of a tie, "Sudden Death" will start, where players start out with 300%, making them really easy to K.O.. After a few seconds, Bob-ombs will start falling from the sky, exploding as soon as they hit something.

->Avaliable in: original, ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
The preferred mode among competitive players. It plays essentially the same as free for all, except players are given a number of lives (called "stocks"), set before the match. The last player standing wins. You can also set time limits if you want to speed things up. If you do and the stocks are tied after time expires, sudden death happens.

->Avaliable in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'' (as a Special Brawl setting), ''For Wii U''
This mode plays more like a traditional fighting game, where players try to drain each other's heath. The last player standing wins. The maximum health is always 150 in Melee, and is completely customizable in Brawl.

!!Team Battle
->Avaliable in: original, ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
The same as Free-For-All, except fighters are split up into teams. When a player is K.O.'d, instead of a single fighter gaining a point, the point goes to the team. There are three teams: Red team, Green team, and Blue team. In ''For Wii U'', a Yellow team is available in 8-Player Smash. In games up to Brawl, these were linked to the characters' {{Palette Swap}}s. In ''For Wii U'' and ''For 3DS'', members of the teams are outlined with their team's color. Team Battles can also be played as Survival, Stamina, Coin, or Bonus Battles.

!!Coin Battle
->Avaliable in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For Wii U''
This mode works a bit differently. Instead of racking up damage, players collect "Smash Coins" and "Smash Bills", which fall out of characters when receiving damage. Bronze coins are worth 1, silver coins are worth 5, gold coins are worth 10, and Smash Bills are worth 20. The player with the most coins wins. In the event of a tie, a "Sudden Death" will start.

!!Special Smash
->Avaliable in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For Wii U''
These are battles with gimmicks thrown in. For example, there's one option where damage is always set to 300%, and one where the camera never moves. These are stand-alone options in ''Melee'', and are fully customizable in ''Brawl'' and ''For Wii U''.

!!8-Player Smash
->Available in: ''For Wii U''
As the name suggests, this mode increases the limit of 4 players to 8. Only a select amount of stages can be used with 8-Player Smash. Other than that, it works exactly like Free-For-All or Survival.

!1-player Game Modes

!!Classic Mode
->Available in: original (as 1P Game), ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
->Co-op mode available in ''For Wii U''
The main one-player game mode of the [=N64=] installment, Classic Mode challenges the player to pick one character and use them to win a series of fights, culminating in a FinalBoss at the end. In the original game, the opponents were fixed for each of the 11 battles, but later games would include some form of randomness and change the number of battles (8 in ''Melee'', 12 in ''Brawl'', 6 in ''For 3DS'' and ''For Wii U''). There are bonus stages in between certain fights, which give you a chance to boost your score or (in ''Melee'') collect trophies. ''For 3DS'' strips out the bonus rounds, but allows the player to choose their next battle from two or three options, sometimes offering bonus gold and trophies for choosing one path over another. ''For Wii U'' is similar, but there are more group battles with more than 4 players. You will also have custom fighters that can either be in the battles or can intrude before you go into them. You can also pick defeated opponents for Team Battles.

!!All-Star Mode
->Available in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
->Co-op mode available in ''Brawl''
An unlockable mode in both ''Melee'' and ''Brawl'', which is similar to "The Arena" from ''VideoGame/KirbySuperStar''. The player must defeat every playable character in the game with only one life, sometimes fighting multiple opponents at a time. In between fights are rest areas where you can see which fight is next and which you've already beaten, and completely heal yourself up to three times (otherwise, all damage is retained between fights). With its length and the limited healing resources, it usually presents a challenge even on the lower difficulties. In "For 3DS", you face a group of opponents based on the timeline they were from, starting from the 1980s. In "For Wii U", you face the same opponents in reverse chronological order.

!!Break the Targets/Target Smash
->Available in: original, ''Melee'', ''Brawl''
A series of targets are placed around an area (sometimes moving), and the character has to use their attacks to destroy the targets as quickly as possible without falling off the screen. In the first two games, these stages were individualized for each character, but ''Brawl'' instead uses five different stages that any character can challenge and complete (saving each character's best time individually).

!!Target Blast
->Available in: ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
A variation of the Home Run Contest below. Instead of Sandbag, there is a bomb on the platform that starts its 10-second fuse when moved or hit. To the right of the platform is a large structure of blocks and targets, which award points when destroyed. Players are challenged to damage the bomb as much as possible, and send it flying towards the structure; the more damage the bomb has taken, the bigger the explosion, which, with good positioning, will help destroy more of the targets and blocks. The goal is to score as many points as possible after two rounds.

!!Training Mode
->Available in: original, ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
This mode puts you in an endless practice match up against a selectable CPU opponent on any stage. Here, the player can adjust the settings from a menu, such as directly spawning certain items, adjusting the speed, adding additional CPU opponents (all using the same character the CPU is chosen as) as well as changing their behaviour (from standing still, to walking, to jumping, to fleeing, to fighting like in normal matches), and changing the amount of damage the [=CPUs=] have (in ''For 3DS'' and ''For Wii U'', it also changes the player's damage as well).

->Available in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'' (as Coin Launcher), ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U'' (as Trophy Rush)
->Co-op mode available in ''For 3DS'' and ''For Wii U''
This mode lets you bet the coins you earn on a gashapon machine to collect trophies. The more coins you bet, the more likely you'll get a new trophy.

In Brawl, this is replaced with a pinball-esque game called "Coin Launcher". Here, you shoot the trophies to collect them. Enemies will also frequently appear, giving you bonuses such as stickers if you shoot them before they go off-screen.

In For Wii U and For 3DS, this is replaced with a mode calles "Trophy Rush". Here, you pick any character you like, and break as many crates as you can in a set time limit. You get 30 seconds by default, but more seconds can be added for six coins each. The more points you earn, the more trophies you get. You can also earn coins and custom parts through this mode as well.

!!Special Orders
->Available in: ''For Wii U''
Similar to Event Mode, this mode features challenges you must complete. There are two types of orders: "Master Orders" and "Crazy Orders", given by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, respectively. In Master Orders, you pick one of three battles given to you. Once the player finishes one, the cycle repeats. In Crazy Orders, the player must partake in a set of challenges as much as he or she can before losing (with a cumulative 10-minute time limit to introduce an additional element of risk, as running out of time carries the same consequences as being defeated). You can quit at any time, but you must have a fight with Crazy Hand first. If you defeats Crazy Hand, you keep all the stuff you've collected. However, if Crazy Hand beats you, you get absolutely nothing.

!!Home-run Contest
->Available in ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
-> Co-op mode avaliable in ''Brawl''
The player is put on a platform with a home-run bat and an antromorphic sandbag. The player has a few seconds to do as much damage to the sandbag as possible, and then launch it across a field. While using the homerun bat is optional, it is highly recommended to use it to launch the sandbag, as it deals high knockback. There are trophies on the field that are collected if the sandbag touches it. There's also certain rewards for launching the sandbag far enough. In ''Brawl'', two players can do this event simultaneously, and it is avaliable online.

!!Event Matches
->Available in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For Wii U''
->Co-op events available in: ''Brawl'' and ''For Wii U''
Event Matches present specific scenarios for the player to challenge one at a time. These can consist of normal fights, or battles fought under special rules and conditions, sometimes even having win conditions unrelated to fighting (such as breaking all the breakable platforms in an area). There are also "All-Star Matches" included in the set, which involve defeating a number of characters in succession without healing. ''Brawl'' introduced multiple difficulties for each event (each difficulty having its own high score saved), as well as a separate set of event matches for two players to cooperate.

!!Adventure Mode
->Available in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'' (as ''The Subspace Emissary''),
->Co-op mode available in ''Brawl''
Rather than just straight fights of the kind you play in multiplayer, the Adventure Modes of the series have the fighters going through side-scrolling platform stages, aiming to reach a goal at the end. ''Melee'''s Adventure Mode sent the chosen character through stages based on the various series represented in the game, interspersed with regular fights, and ending with a fight against Bowser, while the mode in ''Brawl'', ''The Subspace Emissary'', had a full story and original locations and enemies. (Tropes for ''The Subspace Emissary'' can be found [[VideoGame/TheSubspaceEmissary here]].)

!!Multi-Man Smash
-> Available in: ''Melee'', ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
->Co-op mode available in ''Brawl''
This mode puts the player on Battlefield pitting against fighters known as "Small Fry Corps.". Depending on the setting, the player can see how fast they can defeat a set amount of enemies, or how many they can defeat under a set time limit. Before ''For 3DS'', the Small Fry Corps. were palette swaps of other fighters that only used standard attacks. Starting with ''For 3DS'', the player fights against randomly selected Mii Fighters from the player's console.

!Multi-player Modes

!!Wi-Fi Battle
-> Available in: ''Brawl'', ''For 3DS'', ''For Wii U''
This mode uses Nintendo Wi-fi connection (for ''Brawl'') or Nintendo Network (for ''Wii U'' and ''3DS'') to Brawl online, do Home-run Contests, or spectate a match. When not fighting with friends, the game puts the player in a random room on the server with four other players (and one spectator if the option is turned on). Once the player picks a character and a stage, the player is put in a training room with a sandbag to practice until four players join, or the time runs out. If less than four players are in the room before the time runs out, [=CPUs=] will fill up the remaining spaces. When spectating, the player can bet coins on which player or team will win the Brawl. In the ''Wii U'' and ''3DS'' versions, there are two campaigns: "For Fun" and "For Glory". "For Fun" mode has all the items on, and every stage except Final Destination can be played on, randomly selected. In "For Glory", items are turned off and only Final Destination and stages with Final Destination modes can be played on, randomly selected. When playing with friends, players can customize the settings to their liking.

!!Smash Run
-> Available in: ''For 3DS''
A 2D platformer version of City Trial from ''VideoGame/KirbyAirRide''. Up to four players explore a large maze filled with enemies from different Nintendo games, attempting to gain stat pickups and loot. Once the time is up, all players compete in a randomly selected race or fight (known as the "Final Battle" in any case). The stat pickups help the player thrive in the maze, as well as the final battle, while the loot provides equipment, custom special moves, and Mii outfits for Character Customization that can be used in future Smash Runs and other modes.