[[caption-width-right:350:[[{{Jingle}} "K-Mart is your savings store/Where your dollar buys you more..."]]]]

Kmart is a discount store located in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. In the US, for several decades peaking in UsefulNotes/TheEighties and [[UsefulNotes/TheNineties Early '90s]], it was a staple of [[BoringButPractical reasonably-priced no-nonsense merchandise]] geared toward middle-class shoppers. In the latter two countries, it's a low, low, ''low''-end discount store licensing the name.

The first Kmart (or K-Mart, as it was then known) opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1962[[note]]that location remained open until a string of closings in early 2017 claimed that store as a casualty[[/note]]. The chain eventually reached a peak of 2,000 stores by 2000, coinciding with their newly-renovated "Big K" stores (which was around the same time they stopped upgrading their equipment -- seriously, it's like stepping into 1993). Unfortunately, Kmart has fallen to a rather distant third place in the discounter race, namely due to being behind on remodeling, poor location build-out, deranged leadership[[note]]Eddie "[[SmallNameBigEgo New Warren Buffett]]" "[[PointyHairedBoss Crazy Eddie]]" "[[ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping Rolex Watch]]" Lampert[[/note]], and general incompetence. It also saw the loss of its Canadian locations in 1998 to rival Zellers (which itself was sold to Kmart rival Target in 2013, only for the now-Target Canada to be so poorly run that it was shut down in 2015).

Today, of course, Kmart is still going (but going nowhere), with around 624 stores and one Kmart Super Center[[note]]which is scheduled to close in early 2018[[/note]]. In 2005, it merged with Sears and now carries Sears' Craftsman and Kenmore brands, although not power tools or heavy appliances at most locations. Some of the stores are merely maintained for the real estate between them (the impetus for the Sears merger) and close when inevitably the land price becomes higher than maintaining a store there; for instance, the Kmart near Green Bay, Wisconsin's Lambeau Field happily closed when the [[UsefulNotes/NationalFootballLeague Packers]] offered a mint to the company for the land.

Kmart has seen a bit of resurgence with its "Shop Your Way Rewards" program, in which membership is free and members receive points on every purchase made good for future purchases. Those who sign up for e-mail receive a number of pretty big discount offers, as well as the chance to enter contests for more points. They also have the option of dispensing with a paper receipt and instead having it all e-mailed.

Kmart used to own several other chains: a supercenter called American Fare[[note]]which failed after only three stores, although the name lives on as one of Kmart's private brands[[/note]]; hardware superstore Builders Square[[note]]sold to Hechinger in 1997, closed in 1999[[/note]]; bookstore chains Borders and Waldenbooks[[note]]spun off into their own company which went under in 2011[[/note]]; office supply chain [=OfficeMax=][[note]]sold off in 1995; continued to hold its own until merging with Office Depot in 2013, though both nameplates are still in use[[/note]]; Pace Warehouse[[note]]a warehouse club similar to Sam's Club, to whom many locations were sold in 1993[[/note]]; Payless Drugs[[note]]sold off in 1994, bought out by Rite Aid in 1996; West Coast Rite Aid stores continue to offer Thrifty Ice Cream[[/note]]; and Sports Authority[[note]]sold off in 1995 and did well until being saddled with massive debts in a 2007 management buyout; went under in 2016[[/note]].

One particularly noteworthy sales gimmick was Kmart's so-called "Blue Light Specials", surprise 15-minute in-store sales offering deep discounts on various items. These were announced with an actual flashing blue police light (which could be moved around the store to the location of the sale item) and the memorable CatchPhrase, "[[MemeticMutation Attention, Kmart shoppers]]! There's a Blue Light Special in aisle 5." These proved so popular with bargain-hunters that at one point Kmart's mascot was a talking blue light bulb named "Mr. Blue Light." Though the sales were officially discontinued in the early 1990s, they have been UnCancelled several times, most recently in [[http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-kmart-bluelight-specials-1103-biz-20151102-story.html 2015]].

!!References to Kmart in media include...
* An old ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' comic strip has Calvin's dad telling him he was a Blue Light Special from Kmart (cheaper than Sears, ironically from the same company nowadays).
* ''Film/RainMan'': "Kmart sucks."
** Music/{{Eminem}}'s 2004 song "Rain Man" includes the line "Definitely... K-Mart" as a double reference.
* ''Film/TheBookOfEli'' reveals that Eli once worked in a Kmart.
* Somewhere in ''Literature/{{It}}'', Kmart is mentioned.
* In ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'', S-Mart is a parody of K-Mart.
* ''Magazine/{{Mad}}'' once had a feature on [[FunWithAcronyms names turned into acronyms]]. [=KMart=], according to them, stood for '''K'''eeping '''M'''iddle '''A'''merica '''R'''eally '''T'''acky. It featured a customer buying a matching [=shoes/belt/watchband=] set and another one buying a fake jewel encrusted toilet seat.
* Supposedly, in the original airing of the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode "Brian in Love", Brian accidentally urinates while at the supermarket, prompting Peter to ask him "Where do you think you are? Kmart?", to which was changed to Payless in later airings and on the Volume One DVD release. This has been debunked as a recording of the original airing has been uploaded, and it doesn't feature the "Kmart" line that's been rumored for so long [[https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArLllC183wYybCBOVf9FdwYkphk (There's even a picture in the folder that shows the captions saying "Payless")]].
* A ConspiracyTheorist[=/=]InternetToughGuy who managed to turn TalkAboutTheWeather into a series of [[IllKillYou death]] [[IneffectualDeathThreat threats]], doxxings, and other sustained harassment campaigns got the nickname K-Mart in any discussion of him. This was done in order to prevent him from Googling his own name and harassing anyone discussing his multiple failed weather predictions, his scientific illiteracy, and his use of YouCanPanicNow to gain attention and web traffic.
* When the children of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' discuss how wealthy Token's family is, one thing they point out is all of his clothes are high end, while theirs all came from "J-Mart". Unusual for ''South Park'', as they usually work hard to avert BlandNameProduct.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Frasier}}'', socially awkward station manager Kenny complains that he doesn't like to go to Kmart because the mannequins are too sexy.
* ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'' makes an appearance while creepily quoting the [[MemeticMutation memorable slogan]], "Attention, Kmart shoppers!"
* "[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kmart_realism Kmart Realism]]" was a name given to a literary movement that featured minimalist stories about people struggling in bleak consumer capitalist settings in middle America.
-->''"[[TheStinger ...K-Mart is the saving place!]]"''