->"Do you remember how Atlanta was way more relevant back before the 1996 Olympics? I do. ''That'' ended pretty quickly."
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/SuperBunnyhop George Weidman]]''' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnh0l_Ecpx4 on]] ''VideoGame/SystemShock''[='s=] [[http://shodan.wikia.com/wiki/New_Atlanta "New Atlanta"]]

Atlanta is the capital of UsefulNotes/GeorgiaUSA and its largest city, and the largest metropolitan area in the DeepSouth[[note]]If you don't consider Texas Southern that is. If you do, UsefulNotes/{{Houston}} is the largest Southern city. In the eyes of Uncle Sam, both Texas and Georgia are in the Southeast, so Houston is the largest "Southern" city. In the eyes of everyone else--including Northerners who know the first thing about cultural geography--Uncle Sam knows where to stuff it.[[/note]], best known for being the current center of the HipHop world. The Coca-Cola Company (Pepsi is blasphemy)[[note]]Coca-Cola's influence is in fact so large that "Coke" has become the [[BrandNameTakeover generic term]] for soft drinks in much of the South[[/note]], Delta Air Lines, Chick-fil-A, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have headquarters here. [[UsefulNotes/TedTurner Turner Broadcasting]] (which owns Creator/{{CNN}}, Creator/CartoonNetwork, Creator/{{TBS}} and Creator/{{TNT}}) is also based there (having grown out of an independent TV station on channel 17). Atlanta can roughly be divided to areas within and outside Interstate 285, a beltway highway that is known for insane traffic and referred to by locals as "The Perimeter". Atlanta also has the busiest airport in the world and if you have flown in or through the US more than a couple of times, you ''will'' have had a layover there at least once.

Atlanta has [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peachtree_Street at least seventeen streets]] named with variations on Peachtree [[note]]Many European plants not normally thought of as aggressive [[AlienKudzu went berserk]] when introduced to the Americas. Much of the Deep South was overrun by peach trees; Argentina was smothered by feral spinach. (For a twentieth-century repeat of this story, see... ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudzu_in_the_United_States that]]''.)[[/note]][[note]]The reason for so many streets named "Peachtree" is actually regarded by locals now as [[OldShame somewhat]] [[NeverLiveItDown embarrassing]]. During the Civil Rights Movement, a local ordinance was passed that no black families were allowed to reside on Peachtree street, so if a neighborhood wanted to be for whites only it would name its main road Peachtree Street.[[/note]]. The city hosted the 1996 Summer UsefulNotes/OlympicGames, in which ''East African'' marathon runners collapsed with heatstroke.[[note]] Actually not hard to believe when you realize that most elite East African runners grew up at high altitudes, generally between 5000 and 8000 feet (1500 to 2400 m). Even though those runners grew up near the equator, the altitude meant that typical high temperatures in the warmest months were cooler by at least 15 °F (8 °C) than Atlanta's normal summer highs,[[/note]] The city infamously listed Olive Garden as the best Italian restaurant in the city in the guidebooks for said Olympic Games. Right by Centennial Park is the Georgia Aquarium, the world's largest indoor one. Due to its location in the South, Atlanta rarely receives snow and is famous for (from an outsider's perspective) overreacting to even hints of incoming snow; two inches[[note]]~5 cm[[/note]] of snow in January 2014 led to the whole city shutting down for nearly a week, epic traffic jams resulting in many people stuck in traffic for ''24 hours'', and several deaths.

Hometown of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and was nicknamed "the city too busy to hate." It also prides itself on being the epitome of the "New South," with modern architecture and industry. Atlanta can be used as a "But Not Too Southern" setting, a good choice for artists who want a story in the South without using the tropes of the DeepSouth ''or'' SweetHomeAlabama.

It was originally founded in 1837 as the end-point of a railroad line to Chattanooga, for passengers and freight to be transferred from that rail line to a train to Savannah. This intended function was reflected in the city's original name: Terminus, a name with which an early-to-mid 1990s street-traffic-control software system (home-grown by Georgia Tech's computer-science department) was christened as an [[FunWithAcronyms abbeviation]] for '''T'''raffic '''E'''vent '''R'''esponse & '''M'''anagement for '''I'''ntelligent '''N'''avigation '''U'''sing '''S'''ignals, which at the time was considered state-of-the-art, that adjusted traffic-light timing on-the-fly to adapt to fluctuations in traffic congestion on Atlanta's streets, developed explicitly as part of preparations for hosting the 1994 UsefulNotes/SuperBowl and the 1996 Summer UsefulNotes/OlympicGames. It worked better than expected.[[note]]Transportation department officials could feed in a tentative pre-scheduled set of signal-timings based on events that would probably cause congestion such as a sports-game predicted to have high attendance. If that game got cancelled, the Terminus software system would detect the lack of congestion, and correct the traffic-light timings to what they would have been set to in the absence of the predicted traffic-jam.[[/note]]

The city's official crest portrays a phoenix, [[ContinuityNod in reference]] to being the '''only''' city in the United States to have been completely destroyed by war, and referencing the manner in which it was destroyed: burned during [[UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar General Sherman's "March to the Sea"]] (safety advice: do '''not''' say anything even remotely nice about Sherman, lest you incur the locals' wrath). The phoenix also neatly symbolizes the city's return to prominence after the war.

The reason that Sherman's wrath descended on Atlanta is that, during the war, the city was the South's most strategic railway junction. Three rail lines (basically tracing the same lines as today's Interstate highways running through the city, see below) made it possible to move troops and supplies to pretty much anywhere in the Confederacy east of the Mississippi that was reachable by railway. In one particularly striking instance of Atlanta's importance, General James Longstreet's entire corps was routed through Atlanta in September 1863 as an emergency reinforcement to the Confederate Army of Tennessee, playing a key role in the South's victory at Chickamauga (at the northern end of Georgia, a few miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee). Recognizing the strategic importance of Atlanta to the Confederate war effort, Sherman made it the primary target of his spring-summer 1864 campaign. The Confederates were just as aware of how important Atlanta was, and fought fiercely all the way down from the Tennessee border to the city itself, finally being forced to evacuate Atlanta after a string of bloody battles around the city and a siege lasting two months. The Battle of Atlanta (actually fought near Decatur to the east of the city), on July 22, 1864, one of the biggest engagements of the campaign, is commemorated in the Atlanta Cyclorama, which was at one time the world's largest painting.

Rappers call it the ATL, after the airport code for the busiest airport in the world. Said airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, is city owned, and the city is not allowed to make any profit off its operation. In addition to being the busiest airport, Delta's hub is the largest single airline operation of any airport in the world.[[note]]That doesn't even include Delta Connection flights operated by regional partners, the bulk of which is handled by Expressjet Airlines[[/note]] ATL also is a major focus city for Southwest, inherited from their recent merger with [=AirTran=] who maintained their principal hub there. It seems like a joke when discussion about the city inevitably leads to the airport, but the scope of the operation there is really unlike anything else. This is especially due to the disproportionate amount of connecting traffic it handles (i.e. passengers just passing through who aren't actually originating or arriving there). Other cities with similar megahubs such as UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}}[=-=]O'Hare and [[UsefulNotes/DFWMetroplex Dallas-Fort Worth]] have much larger amounts of local passengers. An old joke in the South says that when you die, it doesn't matter whether your soul is destined for Heaven or Hell, no matter where you're assigned for the afterlife, the connecting flight will [[ForegoneConclusion inevitably]] have a two-hour layover in Atlanta. This joke is also considered common knowledge among airline pilots and flight-attendants in the 'States, and anyone who has worked in a travel-agency, or members of travel-agents' families are also likely to be somewhat familiar with the joke. Seriously, if you tell this joke to any flight-attendant working in the United States, they're almost guaranteed to laugh, or at least chuckle and give a little nod. Atlanta has always been a key transportation hub; as explained above, it was one of the most strategic locations in the South during the AmericanCivilWar because of the railway lines that met there. Today, three Interstate Highways, numbers I-20 (running west-east), I-75 (northwest-southeast) and I-85 (northeast-southwest), meet each other at Atlanta, connecting the heartland of the Southeast with the Midwest and the East Coast and Northeast, and making the city one of the most important hubs in the Interstate network (which also helps explain why traffic on the Perimeter is so awful).

Many old-fashioned Southerners detest Atlanta. The city is an upstart by Southern metropolis standards, founded in 1837 and incorporated ten years later. Its perceived cultural blandness, relatively liberal politics[[note]]It's the unofficial [[{{Gayborhood}} "Gay Mecca"]] of the South and one of the largest black-majority cities in the US, with a large and healthy black middle- and upper-class.[[/note]], incessant self-promotion, and seemingly undeserved prosperity grate on Southern sensibilities. This actually has a fitting analogy: Georgia is the so-called "Empire State of the South"... and Atlanta bears the same relation to the rest of Georgia that UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity bears to the rest of [[UsefulNotes/NewYorkState the Empire State]]. In fact, one common joke is that Georgia is two states: metro Atlanta and everywhere else.

Atlanta is home to several major professional sports teams; however, the [[ButtMonkey/{{Sports}} poor performances of its pro sports teams]], with only ''one'' championship among its major teams in over a half-century, as well as the transient nature of the metro area's residents has given the city a reputation as a bad sports town:
* The Braves are a Major League Baseball team that started in Boston, moved to Milwaukee, and finally ended up in Atlanta in 1966. They've won exactly one World Series in each city (1914, 1957, and 1995). Its players have included Hank Aaron who was the Home Run Champion to top Babe Ruth, and it was formerly owned by UsefulNotes/TedTurner, and as such had most of their games broadcast on cable station TBS from 1973 to 2007. They did very well and were popular enough in the 1990s to be nicknamed "America's Team"[[note]]pushed heavily by TBS, but anyone outside the Metro Atlanta area who called them that was doing so ironically[[/note]], but entered a slump in the 2000s. Even during their long streak of Division pennants, they were the poster-child for EveryYearTheyFizzleOut, netting one World Series win in 14 playoff appearances. In 2010, longtime coach Bobby Cox, known for being AFatherToHisMen (and being one of the most ejected coaches in the MLB) retired. In 2017, the Braves opened a new ballpark in suburban Cobb County, [=SunTrust=] Park.
* The Falcons are an NFL team, historically mediocre with occasional strong seasons, and appearances in UsefulNotes/{{Super Bowl}}s XXXIII and LI. It was the team quarterback Michael Vick played for when he was exposed for running dog fights. From 2008 to 2012, the Falcons were one of the NFL's more solid teams despite [[EveryYearTheyFizzleOut a lack of postseason success]]. Super Bowl LI will be a game that [[NeverLiveItDown lives in infamy for the Falcons]] after the [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter Patriots]] [[MiracleRally erased a 25 point deficit in the fourth quarter]] to put the Super Bowl into overtime for the first time in its history, with the Patriots [[DownToTheLastPlay scoring the winning touchdown on their first (and the only) overtime possession]].
* The Hawks are an NBA team that have a logo that looks suspiciously like VideoGame/PacMan. Another middle-of-the-pack team, also owned by Ted Turner for a few years. Their most notable player in recent history was Dominique Wilkins, nine time All-Star, two time Slam Dunk champion, and often cast as one of Michael Jordan's [[WorthyOpponent Worthy Opponents]].
* The Dream are a WNBA team founded in 2008; in their first season, they made a heroic effort to be the worst team in the history of ever, finishing 4-30. They got better.
* Atlanta had two different NHL teams[[note]]Yes, really. Stop laughing.[[/note]], both of which ultimately left for Canada. The Flames[[note]]an allusion to Sherman's burning of Atlanta[[/note]], founded in 1972, enjoyed modest success on the ice, but couldn't consistently fill the Omni, nor could they find stable ownership in town, so the team was sold to Nelson Skalbania and moved to Calgary in 1980, keeping the Flames name. The Thrashers[[note]]named after the state bird; the nickname had also been considered for both the Flames and the NFL's Falcons[[/note]], a 1999 expansion team, struggled both on and off the ice, ''especially'' after the infamous 2004-05 lockout; they were also not helped by apathetic owners who didn't care about running a hockey team. Again with no willing suitors to keep the team in town, the Thrashers were sold to True North Sports and Entertainment in 2011, relocated to Winnipeg and [[ReplacementGoldfish renamed the Jets]]. Despite the Thrashers' relocation not getting much attention in the mainstream sports press as other recent relocations have, it remains a controversial topic among Atlanta hockey fans.[[note]]True North originally sought to bring the ''original'' Winnipeg Jets, presently the Arizona Coyotes, home; however, the city of Glendale, Arizona, who owns the Coyotes' home arena, elected to cover the Coyotes' losses for the 2011-12 NHL season to keep them from moving, so True North went to the next available team for sale. Atlanta Spirit, who acquired the Hawks, Thrashers, and the operating rights to Philips Arena from Time Warner in 2004, had been in protracted external and internal legal disputes for virtually their entire existence, and only obtained undisputed legal ownership of the Thrashers in late 2010/early 2011. While there were suitors willing to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta, Atlanta Spirit allegedly refused any such offers, since they, at the time, wanted to maintain control of the Hawks and the arena operations, although Atlanta Spirit would start trying to find new suitors for the Hawks not long after offloading the Thrashers to True North, eventually selling the Hawks and arena operations to Tony Ressler in 2015.[[/note]]
* Atlanta United FC began play in Major League Soccer in 2017. The team is owned by Falcons owner Arthur Blank and shares the new Falcons' stadium.
* Henry County to the south of the city is the home of Atlanta Motor Speedway, a legacy NASCAR track.

Those with more geeky inclinations can easily find a place in Atlanta. The Georgia Institute of Technology (aka Georgia Tech), one of the largest and most prestigious polytechnic universities in the country, is located right in Midtown. Downtown is overtaken every Labor Day weekend by the massive celebration of all things geek known as Dragon*Con[[note]]There are several other annual cons held in the Atlanta Metro area, including [[FilkSong GAFilk]] in January, and [=FrolicCon=] on Easter weekend, which is, somewhat bizarrely, a combination SF&F/[[UsefulNotes/{{BDSM}} BDSM]] convention[[/note]]. And the weirdness central that is Creator/AdultSwim (and the anime/action animation central that is Creator/{{Toonami}}) originates from an old Turner Broadcasting facility on Williams Street [[note]]this is why Adult Swim programming is produced by Williams Street Studios; the Interstate divides it from the Techwood campus that most of the other Turner nets are based at; the "Turner mansion" (as seen in the 1990s on Turner-released home videos and movies) is the central part of that complex[[/note]].


'''Atlanta in fiction:'''
* ''ATL''
* ''Series/{{Atlanta}}'', entirely shot there
* ''Literature/AtlantaNights''
* ''Film/BabyDriver''
* ''Film/TheChangeUp'' starring Creator/RyanReynolds.
* ''WesternAnimation/ClassOf3000''
* ''Series/{{Constantine}}'': Constantine's hideout in the TV series is set in an old millhouse in the rural outskirts of Metro Atlanta.
* Most the main characters in ''Film/{{Deliverance}}'' are Atlanta yuppies, and a major theme is their culture shock at camping out in the rural Georgia wilderness, especially after they are attacked by rednecks.
* ''Series/DesigningWomen''
* ''Webcomic/TheDevilsPanties''
* ''Theatre/DrivingMissDaisy''
* ''Series/TheDukesOfHazzard'' occasionally uses it as a setting, and the first five episodes were filmed in the area.
* ''Fled''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', "[[Recap/FuturamaS2E12TheDeepSouth The Deep South]]": Atlanta was relocated to the middle of the ocean and sank, becoming a stand-in for {{Atlantis}}.
* ''Franchise/GIJoe'': Scarlett is a big ShoutOut to ''Literature/GoneWithTheWind'', as ([[Film/GIJoeTheRiseofCobra barring the movies]] [[AdaptationalNationality where she hails from Canada]]), she hails from Atlanta (and part of the finale of ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeRenegades'' takes place in it) and in addition to having "Scarlett" as a codename, her real last name is '''O'Hara'''.
* ''ComicBook/GoldDigger'': The Diggers family lives in Atlanta, creator Fred Perry's hometown.
* ''Literature/GoneWithTheWind'' - not only is the Burning of Atlanta included in the second act, but Margaret Mitchell was born and died in Atlanta, hit by a car on Peachtree Street. Not only that, but UsefulNotes/TedTurner, based in the area, eventually came to own the film (via his 1986 acquisition of the MGM library)
* The Literature/KateDaniels novel series is set in Atlanta that's been overrun and partly destroyed by magic.
* Though it doesn't pass through Atlanta proper, ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'' begins in Savannah and the Survivors pass through the state on their way to UsefulNotes/NewOrleans.
* ''Film/LifeAsWeKnowIt'' starring Katherine Heigl.
* ''Literature/AManInFull'' by Tom Wolfe.
* ''Series/{{Matlock}}''
* ''VideoGame/MidnightClub 3: Dub Edition''. The second part of the game takes place in Atlanta. Several landmarks can be seen while driving around.
* ''Film/MidnightInTheGardenOfGoodAndEvil'' is set in Savannah, Georgia, which is...nowhere near and nothing like Atlanta, but is at least in the same state. It's still common for people unfamiliar with Georgia to get the two cities confused.
* ''Series/{{Profiler}}''
* The ''Series/QueerEye2018'' reboot takes place here.
* ''Film/{{Sabotage}}''
* ''Literature/SimonVsTheHomoSapiensAgenda and its film adaptation, Love, Simon.
* ''Series/SingleLadies'', a [=VH1=] show produced by Music/QueenLatifah which can be considered ''Series/SexAndTheCity'' [[AC:[[RecycledInSpace IN ATLANTA!]] And not white-washed!]]
* ''Film/Triple9''
* Most of Creator/TylerPerry's movies take place in Atlanta.
* ''The Walking Dead'', both [[ComicBook/TheWalkingDead comic book]] and [[Series/TheWalkingDead TV show]], started out next to Atlanta, although they moved away fairly quickly.
* The ''Literature/ZoeMartinique'' series of novels takes place in Atlanta.

'''Shows based in Atlanta:'''
* The internet comedy group [[http://dormtainment.com/ Dormtainment]] live in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, in fact at least two of their videos require you to have some knowledge of the Atlanta area to get it (though you could probably figure it out): "Straight Outta Dunwoody" (a rap song about an upper-middle class suburb) and "Bday Bash" (annual concert held by a radio station in Atlanta).
* The current version of ''Series/FamilyFeud'' moved here in 2011, to accommodate host Creator/SteveHarvey's other commitments (including being a radio host and having his own talk show); it previously taped in Hollywood and at Ride/UniversalStudios in Orlando, and will be moving back to Hollywood in the near-future.
* ''Series/GoodEats'' is primarily filmed in Alpharetta and Marietta, Georgia.
* ''The Radio/NealBoortz Show''
* ''The RealHousewives Of Atlanta'', on Bravo.
* ''Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta'' on [=VH1=]

'''Shows and films shot in Atlanta, but [[CaliforniaDoubling set elsewhere]]:'''
* ''Series/BlackLightning'' (set in the fictional Freeland)
* ''Series/DeviousMaids'' (set in Beverly Hills)
* ''Film/TheDivergentSeriesInsurgent'' and ''Allegiant'' (set in a post-apocalyptic UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}})[[note]]however, portions of the former were actually filmed in Chicago[[/note]]
* ''Series/DropDeadDiva'' (set in UsefulNotes/LosAngeles)
* ''Series/HaltAndCatchFire'' (set in the UsefulNotes/DFWMetroplex)
* ''Film/TheHungerGamesCatchingFire'' and ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay'' (set in the Capitol of Panem)
* Several Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse movies were at least partially filmed in Atlanta: ''Film/AntMan'', ''Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar'', ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy 2'', ''Film/SpiderManHomecoming'' and ''Film/BlackPanther'', among others.
* ''Series/NecessaryRoughness'' (set in Long Island)
* ''Film/RoboCop3'' (As with everything else in the ''FRanchise/RoboCop'' franchise, it's set in Detroit)
* ''Series/StrangerThings'' (set in Indiana)
* ''Film/SweetHomeAlabama'' (set in Alabama)
* ''Film/WeAreMarshall'' (set in Huntington, West Virginia)[[note]]Then-Georgia governor Sonny Perdue had a cameo as an opposing football coach[[/note]]

'''Creators originally from or based in Atlanta:'''
* Creator/TheWeatherChannel
* The [[UsefulNotes/TedTurner Turner]] networks:
** {{Creator/TBS}}, {{Creator/TNT}} and Creator/TurnerClassicMovies
** {{Creator/CNN}} & {{Creator/HLN}}
** Creator/CartoonNetwork & Creator/AdultSwim (and by extension Creator/{{Toonami}})
** Wrestling/{{WCW}}
* Creator/JeffFoxworthy
* Creator/DavidCross
* Creator/MicaelaDee
* Creator/ChloeMoretz
* Creator/TylerPerry
* Matt and Mike Chapman (The Brothers Chaps), creators of ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner''

'''Musical acts based in or originally from Atlanta:'''
* Atlanta has a huge rap and hip-hop scene, perhaps best known for spearheading the "Dirty South" movement, one of rap's most popular. A vast amount, possibly a majority nowadays, of rappers come from Atlanta, which produces a wide variety of acts such as Music/{{Outkast}}, Music/SouljaBoy, Music/LilJon, Ludacris, Big Boi, D4L, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, T.I., Future, Jeezy, WakaFlockaFlame, Rasheeda, Killer Mike, Crime Mob, Ying Yang Twins, Jazze Pha, Music/ChildishGambino, Dem Franchize Boys, Young Dro, Rich Homie Quan, Music/{{Ciara}}, Lil' Scrappy, Gorilla Zoe, Youngbloodz, Travis Porter, Migos, Field Mob, B.O.B, Drumma Boy, Roscoe Dash, Yung Wun, I-20, Cyhi The Prynce, OJ Da Juiceman, Slick Pulla, Boyz n da Hood, Silentó, Pastor Troy, Yung Wun, Young Thug, Unk, TrinidadJames, Bone Crusher, RaeSremmurd, Polow da Don, and Yung Joc.
* Many R&B artists also come from Atlanta: Music/{{Usher}}, Music/IndiaArie, Music/{{TLC}}, Music/CeeLoGreen, Keri Hilson, Monica, and Toni Braxton, to name a few.
* Atlanta-based producer Bill Lowery launched the careers of Music/RayStevens, Music/JerryReed, and others.
* Music/{{Sevendust}}
* Music/TheBlackCrowes
* Music/CatPower
* Canadian Music/JustinBieber moved to Atlanta to forward his music career.
* The Music/IndigoGirls grew up in Decatur and started performing locally when they were students at Emory University.
* Music/{{Mastodon}}
* Music/{{Sugarland}}
* Music/{{Issues}}


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