The world's largest and most populous continent. Don't engage in a land war there. Often lumped in with UsefulNotes/{{Oceania}} as the Asia-Pacific, and sometimes with UsefulNotes/{{Europe}} as Eurasia or UsefulNotes/{{Africa}} and Europe as Afro-Eurasia.

* InterchangeableAsianCultures-- How to avert this.

!!Western Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Armenia}} (Geographically a part of Western Asia, culturally a part of both Eastern Europe and Western Asia)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Yerevan
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Azerbaijan}} (Transcontinental)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Baku
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Bahrain}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Manama
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Cyprus}} (Geographically a part of Western Asia, culturally a part of Southern Europe)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Nicosia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Egypt}} (Transcontinental)'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Cairo}}
* '''[[UsefulNotes/GeorgiaEurope Georgia]] (Transcontinental)'''
->Capitals: Tbilisi, Kutaisi (legislative)
->Largest City: Tbilisi
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Iran}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Tehran
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Iraq}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Baghdad
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Israel}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Jerusalem}} (limited recognition)
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Jordan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Amman
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Kuwait}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Kuwait City
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Lebanon}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Beirut}}
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Oman}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Muscat
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Qatar}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Doha
* '''UsefulNotes/SaudiArabia'''
->Capital & Largest City: Riyadh
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Syria}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Damascus
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Turkey}} (Transcontinental)'''
->Capital: Ankara
->Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Istanbul}}
* '''UsefulNotes/UnitedArabEmirates'''
->Capital: Abu Dhabi
->Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Dubai}}
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Yemen}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Sana'a

!!South Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Afghanistan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Kabul
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Bangladesh}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Dhaka
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Bhutan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Thimphu
* '''UsefulNotes/{{India}}'''
->Capital: New Delhi
->Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Mumbai}}
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Maldives}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Malé
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Nepal}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Kathmandu
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Pakistan}}'''
->Capital: Islamabad
->Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Karachi}}
* '''UsefulNotes/SriLanka'''
->Capitals: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Administrative), Colombo (Commercial)
->Largest City: Colombo

!!Central Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Kazakhstan}} (Transcontinental)'''
->Capital: Astana
->Largest City: Almaty
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Kyrgyzstan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Bishkek
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Tajikistan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Dushanbe
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Turkmenistan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Ashgabat
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Uzbekistan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Tashkent

!!North Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Russia}} (Officially called the Russian Federation, Transcontinental)'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Moscow}}

!!Southeast Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Brunei}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Bandar Seri Begawan
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Cambodia}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Phnom Penh
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Indonesia}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Jakarta
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Laos}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Vientiane
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Malaysia}}'''
->Capitals: Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya (administrative)
->Largest City: Kuala Lumpur
* '''[[UsefulNotes/ThatSouthEastAsianCountry Myanmar]] (Burma)'''
->Capital: Naypyidaw
->Largest City: Yangon (Rangoon)
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}}'''
->Capital: UsefulNotes/{{Manila}}
->Largest City: Quezon City
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Singapore}}'''
->Capital: Singapore
->Largest PA: Bedok
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Thailand}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Bangkok}}
* '''UsefulNotes/TimorLeste (East Timor)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Dili
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Vietnam}}'''
->Capital: Hanoi
->Largest City: Ho Chi Minh City

!!East Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{China}} (Officially called the People's Republic of China)'''
->Capital: UsefulNotes/{{Beijing}}
->Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Shanghai}}
** UsefulNotes/{{Manchuria}}
** UsefulNotes/{{Tibet}}
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Japan}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Tokyo}}
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Mongolia}}'''
->Capital & Largest City: Ulaanbaatar
* '''UsefulNotes/NorthKorea (Officially called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Pyongyang
* '''UsefulNotes/SouthKorea (Officially called the Republic of Korea)'''
->Capital & Largest City: UsefulNotes/{{Seoul}}

!Unrecognized Countries
!!Western Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Abkhazia}} (De facto independent country, claimed by Georgia)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Sukhumi
* '''[[UsefulNotes/RepublicOfArtsakh Artsakh]] (De facto independent country, claimed by Azerbaijan)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Stepanakert
* '''[[UsefulNotes/NorthCyprus Northern Cyprus]] (De facto independent country, claimed by Cyprus)'''
->Capital & Largest City: North Nicosia
* '''[[UsefulNotes/PalestinianTerritories Palestine]]'''
->Proclaimed Capital: Jerusalem (East)
->Administrative Center: Ramallah
->Largest City: Gaza City
* '''UsefulNotes/SouthOssetia (De facto independent country, claimed by Georgia)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Tskhinvali

!!East Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Taiwan}} (De facto independent country under the name of Republic of China, claimed by the People's Republic of China)'''
->Capital: Taipei
->Largest City: Taipei-New Taipei

!!Western Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Akrotiri and Dhekelia}} (Belongs to the United Kingdom)'''
->Capital and Largest Settlement: Episkopi

!!South Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{British Indian Ocean Territory}} (Belongs to the United Kingdom)'''
->Capital & Largest Settlement: Camp Justice

!!Southeast Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Christmas Island}} (Belongs to Australia)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Flying Fish Cove
* '''[[UsefulNotes/{{Cocos Keeling Islands}} Cocos (Keeling) Islands]] (Belongs to Australia)'''
->Capital: West Island
->Largest Village: Bantam (Home Island)

!!East Asia
* '''UsefulNotes/HongKong (Belongs to the People's Republic of China)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Hong Kong
* '''UsefulNotes/{{Macau}} (Belongs to the People's Republic of China)'''
->Capital & Largest City: Macau

!Defunct countries, empires, kingdoms, and so on
* UsefulNotes/DynastiesFromShangToQing
* UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan
* UsefulNotes/TheRaj
* UsefulNotes/SovietRussiaUkraineAndSoOn

!Useful Notes and other articles related to Asia and Asian cultures
!! Asia in General
* UsefulNotes/BaGua
* UsefulNotes/{{Buddhism}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Christianity}}
* UsefulNotes/ColdWar
** UsefulNotes/HistoryOfTheColdWar
* UsefulNotes/TheFarEast
* FarEastAsianTerrorists
* ForcesWithFirepower
** UsefulNotes/ArmosWithArmor (UsefulNotes/{{Armenia}})
** UsefulNotes/ChineseWithChopperSupport (UsefulNotes/{{China}})
*** UsefulNotes/TheDragonsTeeth (China's nuclear weapons)
** UsefulNotes/EgyptiansWithEagleFighters (UsefulNotes/{{Egypt}})
** UsefulNotes/FilipinosWithFirearms (UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}})
** UsefulNotes/IndiansWithIglas (UsefulNotes/{{India}})
*** UsefulNotes/SainiksInTheSubcontinemt (Ancient/Medieval India)
*** UsefulNotes/TheThirdEyeOfBharat (India's nuclear weapons)
** UsefulNotes/IndonesiansWithInfantry (UsefulNotes/{{Indonesia}})
** UsefulNotes/IsraelisWithInfraredMissiles (UsefulNotes/{{Israel}})
*** UsefulNotes/TheSamsonOption (Israel's nuclear weapons)
** UsefulNotes/KaijuDefenseForce (Modern UsefulNotes/{{Japan}})
*** UsefulNotes/KatanasOfTheRisingSun (UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan)
** UsefulNotes/KiplingsFinest (UsefulNotes/TheRaj)
** UsefulNotes/NepaliWithNastyKnives (The Gurkhas of UsefulNotes/{{Nepal}})
** UsefulNotes/NorthKoreansWithNodongs (UsefulNotes/NorthKorea)
*** UsefulNotes/TheHoovesOfChollima (North Korea's nuclear weapons)
** UsefulNotes/PakistanisWithPanters (UsefulNotes/{{Pakistan}})
*** UsefulNotes/PakAttack (Pakistan's nuclear weapons)
** UsefulNotes/PersiansWithPistols (UsefulNotes/{{Iran}})
** UsefulNotes/TheOtherChineseArmy (Republic of China[=/=]UsefulNotes/{{Taiwan}})
** UsefulNotes/RussiansWithRustingRockets (UsefulNotes/{{Russia}})
*** UsefulNotes/RedsWithRockets (USSR)
*** UsefulNotes/RussiansWithRifles (Tsarist Russia and the White Guard)
*** UsefulNotes/FromRussiaWithNukes (USSR's/Russia's nuclear weapons)
** UsefulNotes/SaudisWithSabers (UsefulNotes/SaudiArabia)
** UsefulNotes/SingaporeansWithStealthFrigates (UsefulNotes/{{Singapore}})
** UsefulNotes/SouthKoreansWithMarines (UsefulNotes/SouthKorea)
** UsefulNotes/ThaiFighters (UsefulNotes/{{Thailand}})
** UsefulNotes/TurksWithTroops (UsefulNotes/{{Turkey}})
** UsefulNotes/VietnameseWithKalashnikovs (UsefulNotes/{{Vietnam}})
*** UsefulNotes/SouthVietnameseWithSkyraiders (South Vietnam)
** UsefulNotes/WarriorsOfDesertWinds (UsefulNotes/{{Jordan}})
* UsefulNotes/{{Gnosticism}}
* UsefulNotes/GreenIsBlue
* UsefulNotes/{{Hinduism}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Judaism}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Islam}}
* UsefulNotes/MacedonianSuccessionWars
* UsefulNotes/TheMiddleEast
* UsefulNotes/OrthodoxChristianity
* UsefulNotes/ShanghaiCooperationOrganisation
* UsefulNotes/{{Sikhism}}
* UsefulNotes/TheSpaceRace
* UsefulNotes/{{Taoism}}
* TheWarOnTerror
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarI
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarII
** UsefulNotes/AtomicBombingsOfHiroshimaAndNagasaki
** WorldWarII/WarInAsiaAndThePacific
* UsefulNotes/{{Zoroastrianism}}

!!Western Asia
''See UsefulNotes/{{Iran}}, UsefulNotes/{{Israel}} and UsefulNotes/SaudiArabia for everything solely related to those countries, especially in contemporary history or culture''
* UsefulNotes/ArabIsraeliConflict
* ArabianNightsDays
* UsefulNotes/ArabicLanguage
* UsefulNotes/TheArabSpring
* UsefulNotes/TheCrusades
* Myth/EgyptianMythology
* UsefulNotes/TheFallOfConstantinople
* UsefulNotes/GrecoPersianWars
* UsefulNotes/TheGulfWar
* UsefulNotes/TheHashshashin
* Myth/HebrewMythology
* UsefulNotes/IranIraqWar
* UsefulNotes/JewishRevolts
* UsefulNotes/TheMaccabeanRevolt
* Myth/MesopotamianMythology
* MiddleEasternTerrorists
* UsefulNotes/PersianMythology
* {{Qurac}}

!!South Asia
''See UsefulNotes/{{Afghanistan}}, UsefulNotes/{{India}} and UsefulNotes/{{Pakistan}} for everything solely related to those countries, especially in contemporary culture''
* UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}}
* Myth/HinduMythology
* UsefulNotes/TheIndoPakistanConflict
** UsefulNotes/TheKashmirQuestion
* UsefulNotes/ThePartitionOfIndia
* UsefulNotes/SovietInvasionOfAfghanistan
* UsefulNotes/SriLankanCivilWar
* TypeCaste

!!Central Asia
''See UsefulNotes/{{Kazakhstan}} for everything solely related to that country, especially in contemporary history or culture''
* UsefulNotes/TheSilkRoad

!!North Asia
''See UsefulNotes/{{Russia}} for everything solely related to that country, especially in contemporary history or culture''
* UsefulNotes/{{Cossacks}}
* UsefulNotes/CyrillicAlphabet
* TheGulag
* UsefulNotes/RedOctober
* UsefulNotes/RomanovsAndRevolutions
* UsefulNotes/RussianLanguage
* Myth/RussianMythologyAndTales
* UsefulNotes/RussoJapaneseWar
* TheTunguskaEvent

!!Southeast Asia
''See UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}}, UsefulNotes/{{Singapore}} and UsefulNotes/{{Thailand}} for everything solely related to those countries, especially in contemporary history or culture''
* HolidayInCambodia
* UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar

!!East Asia
''See UsefulNotes/{{China}}, UsefulNotes/{{Japan}} and UsefulNotes/SouthKorea for everything solely related to those countries, especially in contemporary history or culture''
* UsefulNotes/AnimeAndManga (included since there's also Chinese and Korean Manga)
* UsefulNotes/ChineseLanguage
* Myth/ChineseMythology
* FarEast
* UsefulNotes/FirstSinoJapaneseWar
* UsefulNotes/TheJapaneseInvasion (the boom of Japanese media worldwide from the 80s to Late 2000s, particularly Anime and Video Games)
* UsefulNotes/JapaneseLanguage
* Myth/JapaneseMythology
* KoreanHonorifics
* Myth/KoreanMythology
* UsefulNotes/TheKoreanWar
* UsefulNotes/SecondSinoJapaneseWar
* UsefulNotes/TeaAndTeaCulture
* TheTriadsAndTheTongs
* VideoGames (invented in the US, but popularized worldwide by Japan)
* {{Yakuza}}