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Unfortunate Names: Theater
  • In Thirteen, there is a character named "Archie Walker". Archie Walker is not an unfortunate name to have in and of itself. If it belongs to a boy on crutches on the other hand...
  • In The Rose Tattoo, Alvaro's last name is Mangiacavallo. Its Italian meaning, "Eat-a-Horse," cements his status as clown.
    "It's a comical name, I know. Maybe two thousand and seventy years ago one of my grandfathers got so hungry that he ate up a horse. That ain't my fault."
  • In Die Fledermaus, Eistenstein's incompetent defense attorney is named Blind (which means the same thing in German and English).
  • From H.M.S. Pinafore: "You can't expect a chap with such a name as Dick Deadeye to be a popular character— now can you?"
  • In One Slight Hitch by Lewis Black, the youngest Coleman sister, and narrator, is named Plant Ballantine, P.B. for short.

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