Did you think tsunderes were limited to we Japanese? Even the ''Americans'' hate your idiocy, and you know it!

[[folder: Harsh (Tsun)]]
* Franchise/SpiderMan: This might be a little bit [[ChildhoodMemoryDemolitionTeam disturbing]] for newer fans of the comic and the character, but in her earliest appearances, Gwen Stacy fit this Trope quite nicely. After her death, all flashbacks have shown Gwen as more of a GirlNextDoor. [[http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/gwen30.jpg Proof.]]
* ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse examples:
** Glittering Goldie and Scrooge [=McDuck=]'s entire relationship is fueled by cantankerous and even violent interactions, but both with underlying feelings of deep affection and melancholy romance that goes unconfessed for 50 years. The dancehall showgirl Glittering Goldie, being known as the "Ice Queen of Dawson" due to her immense frigidity and kleptomaniacal cunning. She seduces the rough-necked, foul-tempered, stingy sourdough gold miner, Scrooge [=McDuck=], drugs his coffee and steals his giant "Goose Egg Nugget". When he awakens after being clobbered and left in a snow-drift outside of town, he proceeds to storm into the ballroom, kidnaps Goldie and forces her to work his claim in the mountains to show her what it means to work for your keep instead of stealing it. She stays in hopes of stealing the deed for his claim, but over time the two cold hearts begin to thaw for each other, both never confessing their feelings and their love going unspoken long after Scrooge becomes the gazillionaire tycoon we know and love.
** Daisy Duck is an iconic tsundere of Western comics and animation. Her varying between lovey-dovey and cranky is also pretty understandable considering [[HotBlooded Donald's personality]].
** Daisy also has a superhero alter ego, Paperinika (Super Daisy in English-language stories) that eventually reaches this kind of relationship with Paperinik (the Duck Avenger), as she, a borderline (and originally not so borderline) StrawFeminist, despises Paperinik as a symbol of male oppression and he doesn't like her unwarranted hatred, but as they get to know each other they start to respect and even like each other, to the point of BelligerentSexualTension they will never act upon due to having a significant other... That just happens to be each other, as Paperinik's SecretIdentity is Donald Duck.
** In ComicBook/PaperinikNewAdventures [[PhysicalGoddess Xadhoom]] is a ''very'' Harsh one toward Paperinik.
* [[Characters/GenerationX Monet St. Croix]] had a BelligerentSexualTension with ''{{ComicBook/Sabretooth}}'' in ''ComicBook/UncannyXMen2015''. Monet tends to run hot & cold when it comes to Creed. A classic Tsundere. She's playful and even flirty with him one minute, but is cold and pushing him away the next. A clear contrast with how she checks him out in chapter [[https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/silverfang2/29185537/1203430/1203430_900.png five]], compared to how cold she is in chapter [[https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/silverfang2/29185537/1155241/1155241_original.png six]].
* [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Damian Wayne]] is mean and jerkish to everyone in general. But he clearly sees Dick Grayson as a BigBrotherMentor and respects him, even standing up to his mother on one occasion when she talked bad about Dick. He also treats Stephanie Brown/Batgirl III and Alfred like this.
* Katchoo in ''ComicBook/StrangersInParadise'', especially where David is concerned.
* Hellion of the ''ComicBook/XMen'' towards [[SugarAndIcePersonality X-23]].
** Eventually deconstructed. [[BrokenBird X-23]] is a ShrinkingViolet, and even after Hellion [[CharacterDevelopment stops bullying]] her because of this, he does not quite get that she finds his brashness intimidating. It takes several moments of BreakTheHaughty before he is even willing to ''consider'' the thought that he might be attracted to her, and his LoveConfession is marked by a ForcefulKiss that X-23 does not especially enjoy; this is why they don't get together.
** In a non-romantic capacity, his reasons for being tsundere mark Hellion's character arc. Initially, he acted tsun because he was an arrogant SpoiledBrat. This changed as the TraumaCongaLine hit, and he found himself questioning everything he had once taken for granted. He expressed his confusion about life and his fear of abandonment by acting rebellious and defensive--essentially, a more violent variant of the trope. Currently, he ''has'' a dere side, but refuses to show it to anyone for fear of getting hurt again.
* Monica (from Brazilian comics ''ComicBook/MonicasGang'' ) is at first portrayed as an almost full time tsuntsun kind of character: a hot-tempered little girl with super-strength, self-proclaimed "the boss of the street" and very feared among other kids. She often uses a huge amount of physical violence to get revenge against her colleague/rival Jimmy Five (''Cebolinha'' on the original), especially when he does any kind of conspiring against her. Still she can sport a very soft and girly side, and surprisingly shows it a lot of times to Jimmy himself.
** In the spinoff/sequel of the series ''Monica's Gang Teen'', Monica's personality seems to have melted a bit, as she claims that "has matured with age". As she keeps being Harsh, and beats up (almost) anyone who invoke her rage, now the sentimental deredere side tends to appear more. And, not very surprisingly, she [[spoiler: starts a romance with old rival/friend Jimmy Five, showing that all the old quarrels of the past were indeed a form of mutual attraction]]
* ''ComicBook/{{Transmetropolitan}}'': Yelena Rossini fulfils the trope by helping Spider Jerusalem out routinely despite being adamant that she hates his guts, and also subjects him to a hellride of an emotional rollercoaster love affair throughout the series: [[spoiler:She has sex with him; denies that she had sex with him (he was too drunk to remember); when she finally admits it, she of course has to do this in a way that deliberately publicly insults him at his own party; she acts possessively over him when sensing rivals (Vita) but still refuses to admit having feelings for him; and they only end up together when she's one hundred per cent sure (or should we say ninety-nine per cent sure) that he's dying. And even then, nobody else is allowed to know that they're together.]] Compared to the Yelena issue, being marked for death by the President of the USA must be a minor inconvenience to Spider.
* Pigita from the comic strip ''ComicStrip/PearlsBeforeSwine'':
---> '''Pig:''' Pigita...you're a good girlfriend, but sometimes you're a little moody.
---> '''Pigita:''' I'm sorry, Piggy Wiggy.
---> '''Pig:''' You don't have to be sorry.
---> '''Pigita:''' I'll be sorry if I want to be sorry. ''[kicks him over and leaves him lying face-down]''

[[folder: Sweet (Dere)]]
* Susie Derkins from ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' is generally a very sweet and mild-mannered girl, but is still perfectly willing to retaliate violently to whatever Calvin (see Harsh) is up to. (Not that that's not a wise way to deal with Calvin.)
* ComicBook/{{Raven}} from ''ComicBook/TeenTitans'' is a ShrinkingViolet example. Boys that she's ''[[EveryoneCanSeeIt totally not interested in]]'' tend to get her to become [[DeadpanSnarker snippy]].
* Differently from Goldie, [[ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse Brigitta McBridge]], Scrooge's other love interest, is usually very sweet (and even open about her feelings), but whenever Scrooge goes too far in his rejections he's quickly reminded she's ''really'' vindictive--and a businesswoman good enough to actually rival him.

[[folder:Unsorted (May have mixed traits)]]
* This was Gwen Stacy's original personality in the ''SpiderMan'' comics, flipping between concerned and lovestruck over Peter to hating his guts for a minor transgression like him not responding to Harry Osborn's jokes. After her death, however, she was {{Flanderized}} in the minds of most readers and writers into a PuritySue.
** It may be Fridge Brilliance in that a Purity Sue is how Peter remembers her. Nostalgia and grief can work this way.
* ComicBook/EmmaFrost sort of has this personality, toward her LoveInterest Scott. To everyone else, she's (mostly) a RichBitch, though.
** She's also like this towards her students. She may seem like a harsh headmistress at first, but harm any one of them (yes, even [[MoralityPet X-23]]) and she goes into full on MamaBear mode.
* Franchise/{{Superman}}:
** Many incarnations of Comicbook/LoisLane over the years could be called tsundere. Superman almost always gets the dere side and everyone else gets mostly tsun, but there's overlap; once she's known Clark for a while, she tends to be about half-and-half with him.
** Creator/TeriHatcher's Lois on ''Series/LoisAndClark'' was ''definitely'' tsundere.
** Post-Crisis Lois is normally fairly polite and slightly flirty, but Clark Kent seems to always push her buttons. It didn't help that she first met him right after he scooped her on an interview with Superman. Yes, Clark stole a story from Lois by interviewing ''himself''.
** In ''Comicbook/SupermanVsTheAmazingSpiderMan'', Clark triggers Lois' harsh side by pretending to be a wimpy, meek coward. She admits to herself that she doesn't hate Clark. He merely drives her mad.
** Now that she's been married to Clark in the comics for decades, he, their son Jonathan--Comicbook/{{Superboy}}--her husband's cousin Kara--Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}--Perry and Comicbook/JimmyOlsen have exclusive rights to her dere side while everyone else gets her (genuinely intimidating) tsun side.
* ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}} Lucy van Pelt. As mentioned in a ''Peanuts Gallery'' TV special, she can start off very sweet, and then she boils over. And she's especially "dere" to her would-be boyfriend Schroeder, much to his displeasure.
** She could be a tsundere with a heart of {{yandere}}. In [[http://comics.com/peanuts/1961-04-16/ one comic]], she beats up another girl who leans on Schroeder's piano.
** Sally Brown to her 'Sweet Baboo', Linus van Pelt.
* 99% of [[ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes Calvin's]] interactions with the neighbourhood girl Susie Derkins are about him annoying her (and occasionally her violent retaliations, see Sweet). WordOfGod says it's his way of dealing with his crush on her. The remaining 1% consists of the school baseball arc, during which they were just fine.
* A non-romantic example, ComicBook/PowerGirl in ''Justice League Europe'' definitely had elements of this. She was generally very irritable, if not outright hostile, toward most of the League, but she was great friends with Comicbook/CaptainAtom. Justified in that much of her hostility was provoked by people constantly ogling her, which Cap did not do.
* Miss Ofelia, from Spanish comics ''ComicBook/MortadeloYFilemon'': she is most of time in a very bad mood due to the (usually) disrespectful stupidities of her colleagues at work (especially her love interest/source of annoyance Mortadelo). But in the rare occasions when she is not provoked by them, she acts in a very fluffy and girly way. Which leads readers to wonder what is her natural behavior.
* ''ComicStrip/TheWorldofLilyWong'': Lily Wong would qualify. Even after she marries her ''gwailo'' admirer, she's not above the occasional [[DeadpanSnarker zinger]].
* [[Franchise/ArchieComics Veronica Lodge]] is all over the place with this trope. She is usually a Tsun, bitchy, catty, haughty and sometimes downright rude. However, when things are going her way, she becomes a more laid-back Dere. Nicer, albeit still snarky and haughty. When the situation involves Archie, Veronica is more a full on Dere--quiet, complacent and happy so long as he showers her with gifts and attention. If [[BerserkButton his eyes wander to another girl]] however, Violent Tsun Veronica shows up and [[DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale Archie goes home with no nookie and plenty of lumps on his head]]. Often whether she's a Tsun, a Dere or more simply a JerkWithAHeartOfGold [[DependingOnTheWriter depends on who's writing her that month.]]
* Fantasio from the comic book series ''ComicBook/SpirouAndFantasio'' is this, which becomes especially clear in the spin-off ''ComicBook/{{Gaston}}''. On the one hand he is a crazy inventor full of insane ideas to move the market forwards. On the other hand he gets very angry very easily when he gets disturbed and is even shown as having ideas for bringing down retribution and punishment on people he does not like. Whether he is Tsun or a Dere [[DependingOnTheWriter depends however again on the writer]].
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