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Greetings, tropers! Xployalist (pronounced X-P-Loyalist) welcomes you. If I remember right, I ended up on this site while looking for info on Ranma 1/2. I ended up suffering TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, but have eventually gotten over it and become a Functional Addict. Because my brain is highly analytical, TV Tropes ruined my life possibly more than most. I'm primarily a Sci-Fi nerd, and am constantly looking for any good (or So Bad, It's Good) Sci-Fi. My interests in Sci-Fi led me to really delve into anime, starting with Gurren Lagann and Fullmetal Alchemist. My current favorite cyberpunk is Ghost in the Shell, with the original The Matrix as a close second. This wiki, along with Queen, is directly responsible for introducing me to Fritz Lang's Metropolis. I just have to say, thank God for Netflix.

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