* Real Name: David [SURNAME REDACTED]
* Sex: Male
* Birthdate: October 10th 1985
* Location: {{Oop North}}
* Health: I suffer from [[UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome aspergers]], asthma & keratoconus.

My Hobbies include Blackball ('''AKA''' Eight-Ball Pool), [[{{TabletopGame/Chess}} Chess]], Fishing, Jigsaw Puzzles, reading Books/Graphic Novels, etc & the 'Net while my Interests are [[{{Comic Books}} Comics]] (such as TwoThousandAD & various small press comics), Computer games (especially {{Playstation 3}} games), Military History, Occultism, {{Star Wars}} & the {{Playstation Network}}.

I'm a '''MASSIVE''' fan of [[{{TwoThousandAD}} 2000AD]], [[{{VideoGame/BatmanArkhamSeries}} Arkhamverse]], {{Boardwalk Empire}}, {{Doctor Who}}, {{Fables}}, {{Game of Thrones}}, [[{{Series/HouseofCardsUS}} House of Cards]], [[{{Marvel Cinematic Universe}} MARVEL's Cinematic Universe]], [[{{Music/Rammstein}} Rammstein]], [[{{Film/Star Trek}} Star Trek]], [[{{Franchise/StarWars}} Star Wars]], [[{{VideoGame/TheWalkingDead}} The Walking Dead]] (both Seasons), [[{{VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs}} The Wolf Among Us]], and many '''MANY''' more franchises.


I'm a '''MASSIVE''' fan of [[{{TwoThousandAD}} 2000AD]] (Particularly ''Cradlegrave'', [[{{ComicBook/JudgeDredd}} Judge Dredd]], {{Nemesis the Warlock}}, [[{{Comicbook/NikolaiDante}} Nikolai Dante]] & [[{{Comicbook/Zenith}} Zenith]]), the [[{{VideoGame/BatmanArkhamSeries}} Arkhamverse]], {{Boardwalk Empire}}, {{Doctor Who}}, [[{{Film/Dredd}} Dredd]], {{Fables}}, [[{{Film/FlashGordon}} Flash Gordon]], {{Game of Thrones}}, [[{{Series/HouseofCardsUS}} House of Cards]], {{Killzone}}, [[{{Music/Rammstein}} Rammstein]], [[{{Film/Star Trek}} Star Trek]], [[{{Franchise/StarWars}} Star Wars]], {{Syphon Filter}}, [[{{Marvel Cinematic Universe}} The Avengers film series]], [[{{Series/TheBlacklist}} The Blacklist]], [[{{VideoGame/TheWalkingDead}} The Walking Dead]] (both Seasons), [[{{VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs}} The Wolf Among Us]], [[{{Series/Utopia}} Utopia]], and '''Websites''' such as [[{{Website/GameFAQs}} GameFAQs]] & [[{{Wiki/TVTropes}} THIS site]].

''Absalom'', [[{{Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined}} Battlestar Galactica]], {{Being Human}}, {{Cloverfield}}, [[{{Series/Continuum}} Continuum]], {{Das Boot}}, [[{{VideoGame/DeusEx}} Deus Ex]], {{Digimon}} (particularly the [[{{Anime/DigimonAdventure}} first series]]), ''Dune'', [[{{Series/Endeavour}} Endeavour]], [[{{VideoGame/FreedomFighters}} Freedom Fighters]], the [[{{The Godfather}} Godfather Trilogy]], {{Grandville}}, {{Independence Day}}, {{Invader Zim}}, (particularly '''The Cold Deck / Trifecta'''), {{Law And Order}} & its spinoffs, [[{{LockStockandTwoSmokingBarrels}} Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels]], {{Lone Wolf}}, [[{{VideoGame/MediEvil}} MediEvil]], ''Notorious (2009 film)'', {{Psychoville}}, ''Shakara'', (Episode's [[{{Film/ThePhantomMenace}} I]]-[[{{Film/ReturnoftheJedi}} VI]], and both the [[{{Star Wars Battlefront}} Battlefront]] & the [[{{Star Wars The Force Unleashed}} Force Unleashed]] series), ''The 86er's'', {{The Boys}}, the [[{{Film/Watchmen}} Watchmen film]], [[{{Series/Yonderland}} Yonderland]].

While my '''Secondary Favorites''' includes various [[{{TwoThousandAD}} 2000AD strips]] (such as {{Bad Company}} ('''FIRST SERIES ONLY'''), ''Caballistics, Inc.'', ''Dead Signal'', ''Defoe'', ''Kingdom'', ''Low Life'', ''Mean Arena'', {{Rogue Trooper}}, ''Stickleback'' ''The Ten-Seconders'' & {{Zombo}} amongst others), [[{{Area 51 FPS}} Area 51]], [[{{Film/Avatar}} Avatar]], {{Big Trouble in Little China}}, [[{{Film/BlackSheepTheMovie}} Black Sheep]], the [[{{VideoGame/BrokenSword}} Broken Sword series]] (especially the first two & ''The Serpent's Curse''), {{Bugsy Malone}}, ''Conflict series'', {{Criminal Minds}}, [[{{Film/CurseOfTheGoldenFlower}} Curse of the Golden Flower]], the [[{{Film/TheDarkKnightSaga}} Dark Knight Trilogy]], [[{{Film/DickTracy}} Dick Tracy]], [[{{Film/DjangoUnchained}} Django Unchained]], {{Enter The Dragon}}, {{Equilibrium}}, [[{{Literature/FightingFantasy}} Fighting Fantasy]], {{Fringe}}, [[{{Film/FromDuskTillDawn}} From Dusk Till Dawn]], [[{{VideoGame/Half-Life}} Half-Life series]] (including [[{{VideoGame/Portal}} Portal]] & its [[{{VideoGame/Portal2}} sequel]]), [[{{Hitman}} Hitman series]], [[{{Series/Homeland}} Homeland]], ''Invaders from Mars (1953)'', [[{{Film/Megamind}} MegaMind]], {{NCIS}}, {{Peep Show}}, [[{{Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean}} Pirates of the Caribbean]], [[{{Film/Popeye}} Popeye]], [[{{Film/RedEye}} Red Eye]], [[{{Resistance}} Resistance series]], {{Rise of the Planet of the Apes}}, [[{{Film/RobinHoodPrinceofThieves}} Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves]], {{RocknRolla}}, ''Rogue Trooper'' (video game), [[{{ComicBook/Saga}} Saga]], {{Sanctuary}}, {{Spooks}}, [[{{Film/Stardust}} Stardust]], other '''''Star Wars''''' media (such as [[{{VideoGame/BountyHunter}} Bounty Hunter]], ''Dawn of the Jedi'', [[{{StarWarsLegacy}} Legacy (Volume 1)]], ''Purge'' and [[{{Star Wars The Clone Wars}} The Clone Wars]]), [[{{WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012}} Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]], [[{{Film/TheInbetweeners}} The Inbetweeners Movie]], [[{{WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas}} The Nightmare Before Christmas]], [[{{Film/TheThreeMusketeers1993}} The Three Musketeers]], {{The Tripods}}, [[{{Series/TheXFiles}} The X-Files]], [[{{Film/TRON}} Tron]], ''Veronica Guerin'', [[{{WesternAnimation/WALLE}} WALL•E]] & the [[{{Comicbook/Watchmen}} Watchmen comic]].

For '''SONGS''', please see my [[http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTenthGamerX YouTube channel]].

!!!New Media

* {{Black Pawn Movement}}
* ''Crossed: Wish You Were Here''
* {{Madness Combat}}
* [[{{FanFic/The 10 Doctors}} The Ten Doctors]]
* {{The Joker Blogs}}
* {{There Will Be Brawl}}
* ''Roswell, Texas''


* {{Blog}}s such as:
** '''[[http://2000ad.wordpress.com/ ECBT2KAD]]'''
** '''[[http://www.insidefacebook.com/ Inside Facebook]]'''
** '''[[http://stripcomicmagazineuk.blogspot.com/ Strip Magazine]]'''
** '''[[http://winter-is-coming.net/ Winter Is Coming]]'''
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* {{Gallifrey Base}}
* {{GameFAQs}}
* {{Google}}
* {{IMDb}}
* {{New Grounds}}
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** {{Face Book}}
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* {{TV Tropes}}
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!![[TroperTales Tropes applicable to]] Me

* ApologisesALot
* BerserkButton
* BrilliantButLazy
* CovertPervert
* GentlemanAndAScholar
* NiceGuy
* ProperlyParanoid

!! Contacts:
* E-mail: Dave1029@gmail.com