[[{{MarilynManson}} I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking work of art.]]

I'm a 25 year-old aspiring writer currently living in Melbourne, Australia. [[{{Istanbul Not Constantinople}} Born in Leningrad, but moved out of St. Petersburg]]. I'm an [[{{BunnyEarsLawyer}} eccentric]] {{Otaku}} with an appreciation for {{Anime}}, [[{{Video Game Tropes}} Video Games]] and generally anything with good action or [[{{Xanatos Planned This Index}} intricate plots]].

Feel free to write stuff under my trope section or contact me. I don't bite... well... [[{{Kiss of the Vampire}} sometimes]].

'''Tropes that apply to me:'''

* {{Bishonen}} I have a relatively feminine face and slim build. I've also been [[{{Dude Looks Like a Lady}} mistaken for a girl]] when I [[{{Long Haired Pretty Boy}} grow my hair out]]
* {{Blue Eyes}} Of the cold and piercing variety. [[{{Technicolor Eyes}} But with rings of gold around the pupils]].
* {{Brains and Bondage}} Despite being a virgin, I have a rather large collection of kinks.
** {{Spectacled Sadist}} I'm a {{Safe Sane and Consensual}} version.
* {{Chivalrous Pervert}} It may appear to contradict the above, but part of treating a girl right is indulging her fantasies.
** {{Handsome Lech}} What I evolved into over time.
* {{Crazy Awesome}}
* {{Crazy Prepared}} I have contingencies for everything from [[{{Meet Cute}} running into an attractive woman]] to being hunted by a {{Government Conspiracy}}.
* {{Deadpan Snarker}} Were you expecting a pot hole-based demonstration? [[{{Double Subversion}} Here's one]]... {{Baka}}
** {{Tall Dark and Snarky}}
* {{Drink Order}} Have yet to find a specific one so I stick to cocktails, spirits or liqueurs, preferably something I haven't tried before.
** My preferred non-alcoholic drink is [[{{Spot Of Tea}} Darjeeling]], black, left to cool down for at least a few hours, or preferably overnight.
* {{Genre Savvy}} I have created a Troper page! This will lead to hilarity or possibly adventure!
* {{I Thought Everyone Could Do That}} Goes both ways - While I am puzzled by normal people's lack of [[{{Awesomeness by Analysis}} analytical abilities]], [[{{Sacrificed Basic Skill For Awesome Training}} I tend to lack skills that the average person is expected to have]].
* {{Kuudere}} Generally cold to strangers, but open with close friends.
** {{Tsundere}} Type B - in certain situations I'll [[{{Invoked Trope}} invoke]] a comically exaggerated anger.
* {{Multicolored Hair}} Dirty blond at the front, brown at the back.
* {{Myers Briggs}} I'm an INTJ.
* {{Nerds Are Virgins}} Played annoyingly straight [[{{You Need To Get Laid}} but I'm trying to fix that]]. Now a 25 year-old virgin. [[{{Dull Surprise}} The shame and despair is unbearable.]]
* {{Nightmare Fetishist}} [[{{Gorn}} *explosion of gore]] [[{{Overdrawn At The Bloodbank}} and blood fountains*]]... Cool! I'm hungry.
* {{Ubermensch}} Conventional morality doesn't suit me. I prefer to form my own values and ideals.
* {{Verbal Tic}} Actually, I often use the word "actually" before an {{Infodump}}.


The faeries have violated your nice new page! You'll find plenty of {{Nightmare Fetishist}}s here, we assure you: [[{{Gremlins}} just don't put them in the sunlight, don't get them wet, and no matter what,]] ''[[{{Gremlins}} do not feed them after midnight.]]'' - [[@/{{StolenByFaeries}} a faerie]]

Hey my fellow ChivalrousPervert! You shall find the girl of your dreams, just don't give up! @/{{Darkclaw}}

In wild Australia, Spider eats YOU! -- @/{{OrangeSpider}}
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You're... Refreshing, somehow. We aspire to that. -{{@/Muramasan13}}

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