Tropers / Vengeance Karl

Actually, I'm not all that big on vengeance.

I based my name off of Vengeance Joe from the webcomic Van Von Hunter, because it was about the catchiest nickname I've ever heard. The "Karl" bit is actually a nickname, too. I got it when some guys made me a nametag for a gaming convention and got my name wrong.

I try to write novels in my spare time, so with some luck I'll eventually be able to go all over the wiki and add examples from my own work. That'd be pretty cool.

I'm a semester away from graduating the University of Missouri-Rolla (I refuse to acknowledge the name change, dammit) with a degree in Architectural Engineering, which I may or may not ever use. But my education has warped my sense of humor so that now I crack a lot of math and physics jokes. I also do a lot of Futurama quotes and reference movies and TV shows that were way before my time. For most engineers it stops there, but my interest in writing has also left me capable of making grammar jokes, so I'm a nerd on like four different levels. Yet somehow I have friends, many of them attractive women.