Tort Taura is not a tart, nor a Taurus. She is a whining, {{Meganekko}} who tends to show traits of a {{Cloud Cuckoo Lander}}, and ranges from very aware and articulate to completley [[{{Genius Ditz}} socially awkward and unintentionally bitchy]]... Depending on how nice her breakfast was... Also, she [[{{Lampshading}} Hangs Lampshades]] everywhere, mostly to annoy her non-troper friends. Combine the above with being a short-tempered [[{{Nerds Are Sexy}} nerd]] with a (sometimes huge) {{You Suck}} factor, Tort is a walkin, talkin {{Dis Continuity}}. But hey, that's what happens when you leave the {{Brain Bleach}} at home and try to be an {{Expy}} of everything you admire. Tort resides in America and is on the less annnoying, less {{Squee}}-ing side of the {{Anime}} {{Fandom}}. She has converted a total of one friend into a Troper, and is an admitted TV Tropes addict. Tort usually just lurks around, and has only done minor actual troping (usually small edits or fixes to random pages).

Be warned: none of the following is in alphabetical order... for now


[[folder: Works I Frequently Lurk At]]
* {{Mahou Sensei Negima}}
* {{Gakuen Alice}}
* {{Codename Kids Next Door}}
* {{Bones}}
* {{South Park}}
* {{Zero No Tsukaima}}
* {{Fullmetal Alchemist}}
* {{Fringe}}
* {{Axis Powers Hetalia}}
* {{My Little Pony Friendship is Magic}}


[[folder:Tropes That Have Made Their Way Into My Everyday Vocabulary]]

Notice that this list is only the basics, and is in no way complete. Don't plan on it ever being complete. [[{{Captain Obvious}} It is not complete.]]
* {{TV Tropes}} / {{Troper}} / Troping / {{Trope}}
* {{Pettanko}}
* {{Stripperific}}
* {{BFG}} / {{BFS}}
* {{Fetish Fuel}}
* {{Fetish Fuel Station Attendant}}
* {{NSFW}}
* {{Moral Event Horizon}}
* {{Nightmare Fuel}}
* {{Shipping}}
* {{Cargo Shipping}}
* {{Shipping Wars}}
* {{Broken Base}}
* {{Tall Dark and Bishoujo}}
* {{Bishounen}}
* {{Bishie Sparkle}}
* {{Cute Shotaro Boy}}
* {{Zettai Ryouiki}}
* {{Scenery Porn}}
* {{Twincest}}
* {{Selfcest}}
* {{Distaff Counterpart}}
* {{Lampshade Hanging}}
* {{Averted}} / {{Subverted}} / {{Inverted}}
* {{Wholesome Crossdresser}}
* {{Woobie}}
* {{The Libby}}
* {{Mary Sue}}
* anything ending in ''dere''
** {{Tsundere}}
** {{Yandere}}
** {{Kuudere}}
* {{Shrinking Violet}}
* {{Axe Crazy}}
* {{Animesque}}
* {{Americanitis}}