The Stray is a troper from Arizona in the USA. He likes D&D, action fantasy movies, and roleplaying games in general. He also [[SingleIssueWonk really likes 4th edition D&D]], and is prone to making justifying edits whenever the subject comes up. He tries to restrain himself, though.

Lately, he has been [[EntryPimp spamming references]] to the novel ''TheNameOfTheWind''.

He has recently started a freelance writing gig. He's written TroperWorks/TheToymakersWorkshop and a bunch more stuff for [[ Associated Content]]. He is also writing TheTaleOfTheExile via [[ Twitter]].

Is now a memeber of {{PLATTER}}.


TheStray launched the following pages to the Wiki:

* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: My proudest moment.
* TheNameOfTheWind: Works page
* TheWiseMansFear: Works page
* TheTaleOfTheExile: TroperWorks page
* TheToymakersWorkshop: TroperWorks page
* VoodooDoll: I was surprised we didn't have this one yet, honestly.

He's also contributed to many others.