Formerly Straha and now The Mikado(decided to change his S/N). Longtime reader and very infrequent contributor. A regular on the IRC channel. Likes science fiction, {{AlternateHistory}}, videogames(platformers/jrpgs), slice of life anime.

Anime-wise I'm a fan of {{CowboyBebop}}, {{SuzumiyaHaruhi}}, {{LuckyStar}}, {{LupinIII}}, {{HeIsMyMaster}}, and {{AzumangaDaioh}}, and sort of a former fan of the {{Pokemon}} anime(it really started sucking after the Johto series IMO). I'm also a fan of various abridged series like {{Yu-Gi-OhTheAbridgedSeries}}. For western cartoons I'm a fan of {{InvaderZim}}, {{TotallySpies}}, {{KimPossible}}, {{DannyPhantom}},. I'm not a fanfic writer but I do sometimes enjoy reading parody fanfics/crackfics/MSTing for humor value.

I'm not much of a fan of comics but I do sometimes dabble in them. {{MarshalLaw}}, {{X-Men}}, {{Godzilla}}(Both the 70s Marvel comic and the 90s Dark horse comic. I prefer Dark Horse more). However, for webcomics I'm more into them than regular comics. The list includes ones such as {{}}, {{TheNonAdventuresOfWonderella}}, {{CollegeRoomiesFromHell}}, {{Megatokyo}}, {{Sinfest}}, {{SluggyFreelance}}, ''[[ Okashina Okashi]]'', {{ElGoonishShive}}, {{TheWotch}}, {{EightBitTheater}}, {{DominicDeegan}}, {{IrregularWebcomic}}, {{DinosaurComics}}, {{PennyAndAggie}} to name a few. Webcomics are free unlike paper comics so...

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