A troper from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who now has a small measure of patience, which will be spent on writing about himself to whoever cares (i.e, absolutely no one).

* A metalhead (of the black/folk variety, mostly) who usually has no patience with radicals of his genre.
* A Trotskyist militant of the United Socialist Workers Party (PSTU), the Brazilian section of the International Workers League - Fourth International (IWL-FI), who has no patience for explaining why he is not a[[DirtyCommunists Stalinist]] (because it seems everyone on the left MUST be a [[DirtyCommunists Stalinist]], right?) and why Socialism is not utopic..
* A RPG player (preferably of unusual settings like [[{{Planescape}} Planescape]] or [[{{Eberron}} Eberron]] or MageTheAscension) who was no patience for Vampire: The Masquerade FanDumb or Munchkins of any sort.
* A major in Literature who has no patience to explain why he is not writing about the oh-so-wonderful literature of his AMAZING country.
* A sci-fi/fantasy fan who has no patience for teachers and colleagues who berate him for not liking TrueArt more.
* A Slavophile who has no patience with people who don't accept his fascination with Eastern Europe.
* A man who has very little patience whatsoever.

Actual name Gabriel; codename changes very frequently, sometimes three times per day; "The Deranged One" comes from a common misconception by people who have just met him that he is clinically insane (not true, although psychological issues are indeed heavily present).

Contributes here and there. Began no articles, at least so far, but may have to start a few on Trotskyism and other leftist ideologies, since the American dominance of TVTropes seems to imply that the usual lack of knowledge of that people about what the left actually ''is'' is rather present around here.

Shows he likes:
* Persona3
* ValkyrieProfile (the first two, haven't played the third yet)
* ShadowHearts (all of them)
* FinalFantasyVI
* FinalFantasyIV
* FinalFantasyIX
* FinalFantasyTactics
* FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance
* DeusEx
* BaldursGate
* KurtVonnegut
* TheWestWing
* Firefly!

Tropes that apply to this one:

* LiteralMinded
* KnightInSourArmor
* ActualPacifist
* AnarchyIsChaos (...NOT! Ha. Ha. Ha.)
* WideEyedIdealist
* SelfDeprecation
* ChaoticGood

And now his patience has ran out, and so will he. Maybe in a few months he'll have the patience to come back and write so more.