[=TheAppleFreak=] is a male living in New York. I'm a senior moderator over at Reddit's [[https://reddit.com/r/PCMasterRace/r/PCMasterRace subreddit]], a large community of gamers and PC enthusiasts. I mostly handle stuff like configuring [=AutoMod=] and the CSS, as well as acting as our liaison to the Reddit mod cabals that secretly report to the lizard people and plot to control the internet's information flow. Outside of that, I work as a [[Series.TheITCrowd professional turn-it-off-and-on-again person]], I play quite a lot of Overwatch and Ingress nowadays, and I have become a drone and 3D printing enthusiast.

* [[Tropers.PlanetCool I'll write more.]] He's a PrettyCoolGuy at LyokoFreak.
** [[{{Tropers.Carth}} eh apple rants and doesn't afraid of anything]].
*** [[{{Tropers.Kyuubiku}} I'll add some too.]] He's an awesome guy in real life and can help you pimp anything out technology wise.