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Hello, I am Tehpillowstar, and welcome to my Troper page!

First of all, in order to clear things up, yes, I am the same Tehpillowstar from the Minecraft Forums. I moderate the Off Topic and Show Your Creation sections, although I haven't been active recently due to Real Life things that have arisen and now take the majority of my time.

As for tropers, you may know me as the person who likes to post in CDT threads in Writer's Block.

Currently I'm writing on one story, Full of Stars, and working on another group project called Project CAS.

External Links and other stuff:

(Work in Progress)

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    Project CAS Characters 

The author is currently lazy, and she will compile this list once she finishes. Feel free to PM her to remind her to do so. Note that spoilers will not be included in this list.