No, I don't do much here, and I have no idea how you even found this page.

I sometimes write reviews or add a few examples, or protest the latest inane change (like the three rapings of TroperTales).

In real life, I like improvising humor and making comic rants. I love to entertain others, and tend to judge a work on pure entertainment value (So in my book, ''Transmorphers'' is superior to the live-action ''{{Transformers}}'' movie).

I try to avoid the random hate we like to level at some things, so I get mad whenever a page is locked due to overly-critical Tropers/Snarkers. I'm here to contribute to a wiki, not pass final judgement. Outside TV Tropes, I do love discussing the merits and flaws of fiction, and often hang out on Kippurbird's Eragon Sporkings website and similar places across the net.

I'm always happy to write reviews. I also occasionally make WMG and try to answer JustBugsMe (hey, if I typed it as "Just Bugs Me" it should appear that way) questions.