Wait... now I'm a troper too??

Damnit... Fine. I'm Tallen, or Tallen Forandi to my friends. I'm from Brazil, and major Computer Engineering at the University of São Paulo. I do some site designing/programming and fictional writing on the side when I'm bored. I also play games when I'm sick of studying calculus.

Currently, Tallen is working in a sci-fi story called '''The Forgotten'''. It can be found in his [[http://tallen-forandi.deviantart.com/ deviantART page]].

Tallen has participated in the creation and overseeing of:


Tallen embodies tropes such as:

*BlindWithoutEm - But he also has contact lenses...
*DanceBattler - Bits of Capoeira...
*{{Determinator}} - 'Aint gonna stop. Ever.
*EldritchAbomination - [[BrownNote Seriously]].
*ObfuscatingStupidity - [[TheSmartGuy Sometimes he's a genious]], [[{{Baka}} and sometimes he's an idiot]]. It is up to the people around to decide when he's one or the other...
*[[BewareTheHonestOnes Is an honest guy]] [[AmbitionIsEvil who is]] [[EvilPlan trying to]] [[StockEvilOverlordTactics unite]] [[TakeOverTheWorld the world]] [[MoralEventHorizon to create]] [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans the ideal]] WorldOfSilence... ([[OhWait Oh]] [[BreadEggsMilkSquick Wait]]...)