The profile that was once here has been (mostly) deleted for the time being because it was hideously unfunny and out of date. [[NonePiece The writers will pay for their crimes.]]

[[folder: Currently Playing]]
* None[[/folder]]

[[folder: Current Liveblogs]]

* None[[/folder]]

[[folder: Completed Liveblogs]]

* [[ Sonichu]]: When BileFascination drives me to finish reading something impossibly stupid, a meme is almost born.[[/folder]]

[[folder: Failed Liveblogs]]

* [[ Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure]]: Puppet princess seeks romance; HilarityEnsues.
* [[ The Chronicles of Chris-Chan]]: A second helping of mind-melting insanity, courtesy of CWC's YouTube account.
* [[ 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors]]: A mystery involving stupid kids, magic wristwatches, and for some reason, exploding boats. Also, numbers.
* [[ The PK Girl]]: A freeware game about kidnappers and romancing psychic girls.[[/folder]]

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