Far away to the north, beyond the wind-swept Baltic Sea, beyond the realms of men who call themselves ''civilized'', live the Finns. A technophile people, they will come out in masses to get a piece of the newest gadgets. Despite being on the cutting edge of communication technology, however, they are modest, reserved and unassuming people who rarely talk without having something to say. So it is with Sus, a geek and computer nerd. He has acquired a modest domain in southern Finland, some 70 kilometers from the nation's capitol. There he resides, surrounded by his animal minions, in a self-imposed exile from the bustling capital cities. Sus is a veritable junkyard of completely useless information and spends ''way'' more time reading {{Wikipedia}} (and, lately, [[Main/HomePage this wery Wiki]]) than can be considered healthy.

The alias "Sus", apart from being [[BilingualBonus Latin]] for an [[http://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Sus entirely different animal]], is Carelian dialect for "[[BigBadassWolf wolf]]". This troper picked it up from the movie [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unknown_Soldier_%281955_film%29 the Unknown Soldier]], where ''Sotamies Sus'' ("private Wolf") was one of the protagonists, the quiet and unassuming counterpart of the rebellious {{Bad Ass}} Rokka.

Guilty of:
* Several minor edits, including examples, comments and occasional {{Grammar Nazi}}sm.

Features examples of:
* CloudCuckooLander (On occasion.)
* PapaWolf - anyone who would harm my extended family can fully expect to get hit with [[CombatPragmatist anything and everything]] I can get my hands on.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny ...I wonder what it would be like if our universe had two time dimensions instead of one... Now what was I doing, again?
* DrivesLikeCrazy - Although I ''usually'' stay within shouting distance of speed limits, I ''did'' once elicit a sarcastic "Whoa, bet you won't dare to run the next curve even faster!" from my passengers. Also, 60 kph on a tiny forest road with a limit of 20. What do you mean station wagons are ''not'' supposed to be low-altitude aircraft?
* WikiWalk (Frequently seen on [[OverusedRunningGag this very Wiki]] and [[{{Wikipedia}} That Other Wiki]].)
* MadScientist - I'm told ''normal'' people don't build Jacob's ladders in their homes or homebrew [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermite thermite]] for fun.
* ScaryShinyGlasses - Intentional image-building, here - Wayfarer-style horn-rimmed glasses with photochromatic lenses.
* BadassLongcoat - ''After'' coming across the TV Tropes article, I acquired a long, black trenchcoat from a secondhand store. For extra BadAss, it was made by the company that supplies the clothes for Finnish military and actually came with a pair of naval officer's sleeve insignia. Together with aforementioned glasses and [[NiceHat a black fedora]], it projects a [[SpyFiction 50's-spy-novel]] -type image.
* ArchiveBinge - Most notably, {{This Troper}} read all of {{Girl Genius}} up to the start of 2009 in one sitting. Also frequrently seen on [[RuleOfThree this very Wiki]].
* BerserkButton - Anyone casually writing off anti-depressants as "happy pills" or telling people with clinical depression that "they should just pick themselves up" in the presence of this troper will get whacked over the head with Wikipedia, '''hard'''.
* ButtMonkey - seriously, if bad luck didn't exist, I would have no luck at all.
* CaptainObvious - I have the unfortunate tendency to sometimes explain, at great length, things that would actually require no explaining at all. Which is why I feature this trope.
* NotGoodWithPeople - Animals, especially dogs, take an instant liking to my reserved, non-threatening demeanor. Humans, not so much.
* {{Salaryman}} - My day job is a 9-to-5 IT grind, but it's OK.
* SpotOfTea
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud

Fan of:
* ScienceFiction in general, particularly:
** BabylonFive
** StarTrek
** StarWars (The Trilogy, which, as we all know, consists of episodes IV through VI, since the first three were [[DisContinuity never made]].)
** RobertAHeinlein
** ArthurCClarke
** PhilipKDick
** CyberPunk
** TheMatrix (too bad about the [[DisContinuity sequels]], though.)
** {{Watchmen}} in both graphic novel and film formats
** {{XCom}}

* {{HPLovecraft}} and his [[CosmicHorrorStory ilk]]

* Quite a few {{Web Comic}}s, most notably:
** {{Girl Genius}} and BuckGodotZapGunForHire
** {{Erfworld}} and OrderOfTheStick
** {{XKCD}}
** QuestionableContent

* Anything made by {{Studio Ghibli}} as well as {{Anime}} in general

* Brit humor in the vein of {{Monty Python}}, {{Jeeves And Wooster}} and ''Smack The Pony''
** Also, {{Marx Brothers}}