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>VANDALIZING< >:3 -@/{{Enkufka}}

* ''INITIATING VANDALISM PROTOCOL.'' ''Vandalizing.'' ''VANDALIZING.'' '''''VANDALIZING.''''' -@/{{Latverian Badger}}
* *gives you cupcakes* Teehee. <3 -@/{{YinHachiko}}
* [[TheCulture/{{Excession}} It's war! Those insane fucks have declared war! They're mad!]] - the ''[[@/{{desdendelle}} Serious
Callers Only]]''
* I are vandalizing you again. You may feel special... Now. - @/ThatOneGuyNamedX
* [[ Hope this one's sufficiently high.]] :) -@/MobileLeprechaun
* '''[[HeartIsAnAwesomePower HEART]] ALERT! ENGAGE EVASIVE MANEUVERS''' - {{Tropers/Aleksei}}
* All the vandals. - {{Tropers/rockmanx}}
* Nothing wrong with giving extra attentions to characters you like. Your loss for never acknowledging it. - @/ChrisX
** ^ My, my, I wonder what could've prompted ''that''. Is this a roundabout way of asking you to be the priest in his marriage ceremony to his waifu? -[[@/MobileLeprechaun Possible Candidate for Flower Girl]]
* hi. :) -@/{{Passerby}}
* Vandalism is a crime.\\
I'm such a rebel. - @/{{Eskay64}}