Fuck it, I've stopped taking myself seriously. Vandalize all you want!

Also, to explain myself: I am a hollow, soulless creature with no redeeming human qualities, who's every action is a futile attempt to gain attention and recognition. Pity me, and I'll go a minute longer without hurting myself with the knowledge that a fellow living creature has recognized my existence.

Yes, that is me. On the forums, any-who.

Owner of SC On the Hour, the rival network of {{Parable}} News.

-vandalized by marsgreekgod-

You pussies call this vandalism? Must I vandalize my own page? ''This'' is vandalism: [=FYUAWCE78GWEGFWERUILVGF9W;VJEWGHHHTHF56HVFO5UHGGHG9HGH5Y3Y0E8W7HY9HY4JP04HJ8PHJUJ76PJU9H30HJYUGFDSFBV=] KBHJ [=IAEBVUOQWGV68OET23854Y658967690238=] [=C3C56=] C [=NE3HGT5=]


Jesus Christ, if your gonna edit my page, @/TzeTze, do somethin' worthwhile, you stinkin' clot! (Im kidding, I love you.)
I'm not good at vandalization. Is this how I do it?
[[supersecretspoiler:Kilroy Was Here]]

This page has been marked for vandalism. Vandalism imminent. Vandalism in progress. Vandalism complete.

This vandal has been brought to you by {{Wicked223}} Vandalism Industries: Flooding pages with meaningless crap since 2008.

Spaghetti Cat III: The Revengening

[++The New Years Vandal approves of this troper! Sincerly, {{Katrika}}!++]

[+++[[color:blue:Blue text that doesn't do anything when you click it.]]+++]

This is {{Solstace}}. I just thought I'd make myself at home in my own little corner of your page. It's so warm and comfortable here. I LOVE YOU SPAGHETTI CAT III!!!!!!!

{{Tropers/SpaghettiCatIII}}, you have one of the best usernames [[{{Tropers/Sonikkuruzu}} I]] have ever seen!