Tropers / Soulseller

Hey, look at that, I'm blue. So I guess describe soulseller here applies? Well, here we go:

name: Soulseller and two other accounts that I use when I forget the password
age: 20 winters. Or is it 21? Maybe it's only 19...
languages: German, English, Japanese, Latin, Perl in order of skill.
gender: for the record it's (cis)female. Don't expect me to go around correcting you.note 
  • I have been told that my mentality is not unlike a trickster's. Judge for yourself.

And now I will hand over the word to you.note 

  • You seem like a pretty cool gal. I think you've earned the right to have your name in blue. MUAHAHAHA! ~The Westerner
    • Thanks, I hope you had fun deflowering my page. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a withering house plant so I answer better late than never. You mind if I join that evil cackling? MWAWAWAWAWAW! ~ Soulseller
  • Ah, yes. I've wanted to vandalize your page for quite some time. What's up? :P - kay4today
    • I see, your motive is clearly vengeance for my vandalisation. I can respect that. I'm at your service since I have some kind of vacation and my only obligation seems to be vandalising the Naruto threat! ~Soulseller
  • What's "z- p-..." ...oooooooooooooohhhhhh... Also, is that a chemistry joke I see in your gender line? ~Wanderlust Warrior
    • But why specify cis anyway? I should hope not that many people assume you're the opposite. Or fac/mer.
    • Where'd you go? We've missed you so. Seems like it's been 2 months. Since you've been gone. Please come back to the Naruto thread. We can talk about z. p. if you want. ~Wanderlust Warrior
  • Well hi there! ...You seem to be unable to remember how old you are. :P - Saiga
  • Page vandalism! :D-Autumncomet