Tropers: Snicklin

Это хлеб.

bread is dumb and so are you.

Reimagined! Revisited! Revitalized! not much less Retarded...

Snicklin Is a male troper who now has expanded his horizon beyond TV Tropes. Though he has moved on, he will occasionally update this page for those who still consider him (Though by now he has probably alienated every other troper that he's met). When time permits, drop by at his Darth Wiki page and wreak whatever havoc you feel the need to get off your chest. He certainly won't mind.

His current interest is with constructing languages. Recently picked up Russian to screw with his Spanish teacher.

// Продвигайтесь

Snicklin includes examples of:

  • Afraid of Needles: The result of an incident with a thornbush.
  • Break the Cutie/Scrappy/Ditz
  • Catch Phrase: "{Is bread}" ~betterthanstrawberry
  • Crazy Awesome: I get it from my dad's side of the family. I think.
  • Creepy Child
  • Da Da: Yep. That's me.
  • Demonic Spiders: On a literal note - my first encounter with a house centipede was not a pleasant one. I'll put it this way 
  • Eat Me: As a food item, this is an obvious given. -Dynamod
  • Mind Screw: The mysteries of the mind are better unsolved. I love to dabble in this concept every now and then.
  • The Ditz: Hey, I just love this troupe and how much it suits me.
  • Running Gag: Is bread. - Anne Beeche
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: Treating other ethnic groups in a lower regard is my loathsome pet-peeve, and I avoid it by whatever means necessary. Well, actually I hate everybody.

Vandalisms and other goodies have been relocated to the DarthWiki page.