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For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee, but his heart is not with thee.
- Proverbs 23:7

Reimagined! Revisited! Revitalized! Still undeniably Regressive...

Snicklin Is a male troper, creator, and aspiring businessman. Though he uses this website less than he used to (circa 2010-2013), he will occasionally update this page for those who still try to keep up with him (Though by now he has probably alienated about every troper that he's met). When time permits, drop by his Darth Wiki page and wreak whatever havoc you want. He won't mind a bit.

Snicklin has picked up a few somewhat unusual hobbies, such as constructing fantasy languages, cooking baklava, and 3-D modeling with the computer program Blender.

Has developed several original franchise ideas, none of which have seen official publication and remain mostly secret. Wanting to benefit off of new, potentially very popular IP doesn't make him stingy, does it? Besides, people have already beaten him to capitalizing on the time-freezing concept with the video game Quantum Break. On the other hand, Snicklin's idea involved a different approach. When the world completely stops, everything goes dark and all non-stopped objects launch eastward at 1000 mph.

Snicklin is fond of the video remix phenomenon YouTube Poop, and has faith that it is a feasible form of comedy despite Sturgeon's Law. He occasionally lurks the YouChew forums under a bogus username.

He is currently pursuing a career in dentistry. He loves biochemistry, but has a low capacity to understand it. Due to being easily distracted from priorities, Snicklin is facing a future of frenzy and frustration on his journey to start his own practice as an orthodontist.

Snicklin's greatest creative influences:

Snicklin includes examples of:

  • Afraid of Needles: Snicklin gets uncomfortable when his eyes are in proximity of anything sharp (needles, pencils, cardboard) as a result of an incident with a thornbush during early childhood.
  • Catch Phrase: "{Is bread}" ~betterthanstrawberry
  • Crazy Awesome: Snicklin can be a brazen and confusing team-player type. He gets it from his dad's side of the family. I think.
  • Creepy Child: Snicklin had a few shameful years as a to-himself, low-hygeine, DS-playing, preteen larva.
  • Da Da: His style of writing (especially in these forums) has been obnoxiously confusing with the intent to incite anger and argument.
  • Eat Me: As a food item, this is an obvious given. -Dynamod
  • The Gadfly: Never intending to bring harm anyone, Snicklin nonetheless had an aspiring troll phase and set out to rustle some people's jimmies with controversial commentary and attempts to start arguments among users. He never truly understood the subversive nature of being a troll, and in the end was widely unsuccessful in his quest. However, he did get himself banned from TVTropes once.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Snicklin is still, unfortunately, a big baby when it comes to house centipedes; his first encounter with a house centipede was not a pleasant one. To elaborate, 
  • Mind Screw: The mysteries of the mind are better unsolved. Inspired by wierdly wired minds like Lewis Caroll, The Brothers Chaps, Christopher Nolan, Doctor Seuss, and Tim and Eric, Snicklin loves to dabble in skullduggery every now and then.
  • Ralph Wiggum: Though sometimes in a more outgoing state, Snicklin can often be more of a prop than a person, occasionally jumping in on conversations with non-sequiturs.
  • Running Gag: Is bread. - Anne Beeche
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: Treating other ethnic groups to a lower regard is Snicklin's pet-peeve, and avoids it by whatever means necessary. He is equally rude to everyone he meets, I assure you.

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