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Darth Wiki: Snicklin



Ignorbacone that garglemesh. It's probbaconably trying to turn on your firewall or something.

Eu- this ibacons my extrabacon space where my extra thingbacons go. Look around to see if you could find anythbaconing that catches your inbaconterest!

Fun facts and notations of unner importance

  • Instrument of choice is the guitar.

  • Has three siblbaconings.

  • Is a burly 150 pounds or so.

  • Is a typical white pebaconrson of Italian descent.

  • Remember thibacons?

  • This troper has a Facebook account.

  • This trobaconper has a YouTubbacone baconaccount, but has recently rbaconelocated.

Snicklin's vandbaconalism

You were born on 4/13? Also, need to work on your trolling. -Altoid

You've been hit by a smooth criminal! -smoke effects- ~Game Spazzer

His name is Snicklin, he loves ticklin', he and I are gonna play some Pikmin... OK I'm done. -Tye Dye Wildebeest

I'm older than you! :p - Nekoalexa

It seems we have yet another Nucka on this site. Cool. —Fusch

Hello. -Reo Sawaguchi


I made the faeries bring me here: they don't like bread. - StolenByFaeries

Hey! Can you give me some of that bread for my Sandvich? —Earl of Sandvich

*sets off a paint bomb* —a vandal

The faeries returned. They wanted to dance on the fresh bread. - StolenByFaeries

Your bread pictures make me hungry. T_T P.S. You are teh cutest troll evar~ - Compassionate Sadist

I'm older younger at a somewhat different age from you. Just saying. Got fruit cakes? ~betterthanstrawberry

I have two lovely cats, but only enough income to support one. Which one should I kill and feed to the other? —Sean Murray I
  • The one that ate all of that money. —Snicklin

Six Girlfriends? Six? Dayum! - TheFreeWind

The faeries brought some trolls for you to meet. - a faerie

I'm sorry I said I hate you. - Daisy

  • It's okay. You have every right to think I'm an ass. —Snicklin

The faeries made me do it. - StolenByFaeries

  • Persistent little snots, aren't they? —Snicklin

The thread made me do it. Don't hurt me! - HellmanSabian

-is a vandal- ~M'sieur Lapin

  • You churned out that brilliant piece of word just for MY page? That scheiße belongs in a museum! —Snicklin

I am a vandal who goes through your dreams and steals your brain, I am 1whowillmake Enzeru

What are you doing here? Get out. -El

-Scatters bacon all over the page- -BlackHoleOfFood

-hands little bag with green stuff in it to you- hold this for me dude -Vanthebaron

  • {Sniffs bag} Is there a joke I'm supposed to get here? —Snicklin

Here's some bacon, lettuce, and tomato, now go wild — Balmung

  • Hail, ye Balrog. I already have an abundance of those things, but I thank you abaconyway. —Snicklin

Older than you by exactly 10 days. :P - I Love Dogs

So, has anyone called you Half-Bread yet? It's the first thing that came to mind. Sorry. - Karl Kadaver

So... you have the face of a slice of bread... ? ... That's nice, I guess. - Amused Troper Guy

It was actually kind of fun when you were in the Arena. Think you'll ever be again? —Artemis92

Get the most out of yobaconur Snicklin

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