->I'm no slouch when it comes to starting p-
I am Slouch. I am sometimes a Troper. Here is a folder.

[[folder:(folder name)]]
* TheSlacker: [[BlatantLies I'll add some examples later]]
* SelfDeprecation: You're most certainly no criminal scum. ~ @/{{betterthanstrawberry}}
** Maybe not ''criminal'', [[SelfDeprecation but definitely scum.]]
* SlouchOfVillainy: Averted- I'm not villainous...
* TrueNeutral-fringeman
* CutenessProximity: Birds and [[EverythingsCuterWithKittens kitties]] are usually subject to this.

Okay, I'm done, go away now.

* Your avatar's a [[UglyCute blob fish]]. Have a coffee. - @/{{Bisected8}}
** Bisected8? On my page? - @/{{Slouch}}
* Yo, there's somethin' you should know, so I'm gonna tell you so! Don't sweat it! Forget it! Enjoy they show! ~@/GameSpazzer
* Aww, whoza cute widdle antisocial troper. -{{Glomp}} Poisonarrow
** C-cute? :3
* Hey, I ''LOVE'' calimari! --@/SeanMurrayI
* (@/FuschlatzOReilly runs towards you at 800km/h[[note]]~500 mph[[/note]] and {{glomp}}s you without slowing down.)
* Hot Springs =/= Hot Girls. @/CalamityJane
* Hi Slouch!-{{@/TheMeddler}}
** Hewwo~
* Hello Slouch of from our Glorious 7th state. From friend from your West Island {{@/PippingFool}}
** Australasia represent!
* Now I ''have'' written on your page. -[[{{@/AgentDragonhunter}} Agent Dragonhunter]]
* Slouching is bad for your spine. -{{@/Anomalocaris20}}
** But it's good for my soul!
* Slouch is no slacker! Okay, maybe Slouch is. It might be contagious. I'll finish this sentence eventua - @/{{Darkclaw}}
* Your page needs more cats! You should link something to EverythingsCuterWithKittens. - @/PurpleCatnip
** Done and dusted.
* Hugs for the Slouch. :3 - {{@/Hobgoblin}}
** :3
* I come from the dimension where you have ten thousand fans. Exactly ten thousand. I was the seven thousand three hundred twenty ninth. - [[{{@/Eskay64}} Eskay]]
* Hi~ How's it goi-- Wait... where are my [[http://wild.tropi.us/logn/read.lua.cgi?log=waapt&date=120801#09:32:14 ten dollars...?]] -[[@/OnionShew The Layered Shew]]