Yo, Shonen King here! I'm a fanfic writer, troper, deviant, and Youtuber. I'm the author of One Piece: Pirate Kingdom, which can be found on the fanfic/fanfic page. I am a sixteen year old in the states who is more or less famous for my fics. I'm inspiring to become a writer of fanfictions that Shonen Manga lovers will love. I'm also leader and founder of the Shonen King JUMP 13, a group of talented fanfiction writers.
!!Fandoms I've written in:
* ''{{One Piece}}''
* ''{{Bleach}}''
* ''{{Katekyo Hitman Reborn}}''
* ''{{Naruto}}''
* ''{{Pokemon}}''
* ''{{Soul Eater}}''
!!Tropes that describe me:
* {{Big Eater}}
* {{Brown Eyes}}
* {{Catch Phrase}}
* {{Super OCD}}