Troper from Long Island, New York, of Puerto Rican descent. Describes himself as Awesome. Picked [[MeaningfulName Senor Incognito]] as a name so his friends wouldn't find him on TVTropes.

FanFic writer, gamer, anime fan, wrestling follower, musician. Once wrote a [[ Gears of War/Lucky Star crossover]], has yet to finish it.

Tropes applying to this troper:
* {{Acrofatic}}
* BadAssSpaniard Or so he'd like to think, at least.
* PowerTrio with his two friends from [[CanadaEh Newfoundland]].
** TerribleTrio in some of the short stories involving said trio
* TinyGuyHugeGirl with his girlfriend.

Favorite stuff:
* AzumangaDaioh
* BigTimeRush
* {{Borderlands}}
* TheDrewCareyShow
* GearsofWar
* GeorgeLopezShow
* GuitarHero
* LuckyStar
* MarvelVsCapcom
* OuranHighSchoolHostClub
* RockBand
* Scrubs
* SchoolRumble
* SoulCalibur
* [[{{Ptitle8on2br9g}} That '70s Show]]
* TheSimpsons
* TwoandaHalfMen
* {{Victorious}}
* {{WWE}}