!!Tropes I associate with myself :
* BadassBookworm : What I´m trying to be.
* BerserkButton : Bad grammar, being told that all Germans are nazis, racism...the list goes on...but may Princess Celestia help you if you dare insult Bronies in any way.
* BilingualBonus : I speak German and English.
* BrilliantButLazy
* CrazyPrepared
* FourTemperamentEnsemble : I´m melancholic with a hint of phlegmatic.
* GrammarNazi
* InsufferableGenius
* {{Munchkin}}
* TheCynic
* ThePerfectionist
* TheRoleplayer
* TheSmartGuy

!!Tropes others associate with me:
* GratuitousGerman: Maybe you don't, but it sounds as if you could. - @/{{Mort08}}
** Hehe...I´m from Germany so...not really.
* TheMedic: Judging by your avatar

!!Vandalism Corner, feel free to add!
* Endlich ein anderer melancholischer Perfektionist, der Deutsch spricht! --@/{{Belfagor}}
* Hello, guten tag...I don't speak much German... -@/{{Steventheman}}
* Mhua ha ha ha, yet another page in my godly grasp-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666
* Greetings, fellow pony fan! I assure you, I will stay away from that BerserkButton. [[Tropers/NESgamer190 NES]]
* From the kid you RP with now and again: Sup. --@/{{mrminun}}