Pacific Northwestern 21-year old nerd kid in the games industry. Programs in {{Lua}}.

Editing-wise, I'm a SerialTweaker due to ProximalErrorProbability and other such phenomena.

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A set of Lua scripts I developed for working with TV Tropes can be found on [[ GitHub]].

I've pretty much stopped going here to do anything but update the list of shows I've seen. If you want to contact me, use email.

!Troper Works:

!!{{Cracked}}.com articles:
* [[ 7 Reasons Computer Glitches Won't Go Away (Ever)]]
* [[ 5 Things We All Do That Make Hackers' Lives Incredibly Easy]]

!Quick Links:

(I've got to admit: if there's one thing I like about MoinMoin, it's quick links on the sidebar.)

* WikiTechWishList
* WikiSandbox

!TV shows I've seen every episode of:

(This doesn't necessarily reflect my opinion on a show. I just like to finish what I start, media-wise.)

* ABitOfFryAndLaurie
* {{Angel}} (not including the comics)
* ArrestedDevelopment
* BetterOffTed
* {{Blackadder}} (including ''Back and Forth'')
* BrassEye (including ''Paedogeddon'')
* BuffyTheVampireSlayer (not including the comics)
* TheCritic
* TheDayToday
* DeadLikeMe (not including ''Life After Death'')
* {{Dollhouse}}
* {{Firefly}}
* [[{{Freakazoid}} Freakazoid!]]
* {{Futurama}} (through volume five)
* GilligansIsland
* ImAlanPartridge
* KnowingMeKnowingYouWithAlanPartridge (including ''Knowing Me Knowing Yule'')
* LifeOnMars (the British one, obviously)
* LookAroundYou
* {{Lost}}
* MaxHeadroom
* MrShow
* PartyDown
* PoliceSquad
* ThePrisoner
* PushingDaisies
* [[{{Reno911}} Reno 911!]] (including ''Reno 911: Miami'')
* {{Spaced}}
* SportsNight
* Studio60OnTheSunsetStrip
* TheState
* {{Stella}}
* TheWire
* TwinPeaks

!!Ones that I'm up to a certain point in:
* TheATeam (through season one)
* {{Reaper}} (through season one)
* AfroSamurai (season one)
* TheSopranos (through season one)
* {{Dexter}} (through season two)
* TheLarrySandersShow (through season two)
* {{Eureka}} (through season one)
* ThatMitchellAndWebbLook (through series one)
* TheThickOfIt (through series one)
* PeepShow (through series six)
* TheVentureBrothers (through season three)

!!!On the air
* {{Community}} (one season, as well as what's been aired for season 2)
* {{Archer}} (through season one)
* SouthPark (13 seasons, not counting ''201'')


My belief in {{CROWBAR}} is that alternative solutions should be proposed if problems are going to be identified.