'''Hey, I'm back (for those of you who remember me)!'''\\
A ([2 X 2] x 3.25) year old girl who is, surprisingly, ''not'' a Pikachu (though I want to be one). Let's see... as far as I can remember, I've lived in these places, in order:
* Seattle (USA)
* Burnley (England)
* St. Annes (England)
* Blackpool (England)
** Blackpool is a tourist town by the coast. Plenty of arcades there, an amusement park called Pleasure Beach, a swimming pool (can't remember its name) and... well... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Blackpool Tower]]. It also has '''''3''''' piers.
* Southport (England)
** Another tourist town near the coast. A few arcades scattered around town, a pier and a swimming pool (can't remember its name). There used to be an amusement park called Pleasureland, but it was shut down by someone who was part of Pleasure Beach (see above). "New" Pleasureland is in its place, but it's more of a fun fair than an actual amusement park.
* Conwy (Wales, current)
** Just across from Deganwy which is next to Llandudno, Conwy is more of a town by the ''river'' and has a castle, complete with castle walls surrounding the town.
As far as my web-sona history goes, it began with me as a Tails {{Expy}} with Sonic's hair, green eyes and boots known as... well, Tailsic. It stuck before I joined a Pokemon-themed site. From there I named myself [=RubyPikachu=] (and it's been that way ever since).\\
When I was still Tailsic, one of the first flash games I played was Super Smash Flash, wherein Tails is playable. Obviously I was a Tails fan then, so I played as him mainly. THEN I played that game's Adventure Mode. ''Big'' mistake.\\
If you've played SSF, you'll know that Master Hand appears on the final stage with NO warning whatsoever, laughing in your face. This scared me to ''hell.'' I beat him with not much hassle, but... still. I did ''not'' expect that at all. Heck, to this day M.H. creeps me out a little... in fact, it shows, because he's a recurring enemy of mine on TVTropes.\\
What else... Huh, not much else I can remember.
!!!Signature History

!!!And now for tropes.
''{{Wiki Magic}}, punch me in the face. (Not literally.)''
* {{They Changed It Now It Sucks}}: This is me on Neopets. Also applies to the new Petz games (curse you UBI Soft!). [[spoiler: In both cases, I am '''''NOT''''' the only one.]]

!!!'''The Brick Wall Of ''[++[[DoomyDoomsOfDoom DOOM]]++]''''' - also known as the necessary vandalizing section

Cute avatar, and I'm a Pokemon fan as well! ~ {{Arcadiarika}}

All Your Pokemon are belong to us - Wannabeotaku

You're a pretty cool chick and I love your Pikachu avatar. :)-{{Dark Lady Celebrian}}

Nice avatar! You lose points however for claiming it is not Photoshopped and not noticing a jet on the back of the bus. {{Plumbum}}